6 Pieces Of Advice To Enhance Your Home Atmosphere

Last updated on October 3rd, 2021

How does space make you feel? When decorating, it is important that you keep this in mind. It isn’t something you actively think of, but it is something that definitely affects you as well as your family and visitors. If you don’t feel good in a space, it’s time to change things up by bringing some energy into your home. Your home should be your sanctuary and it should make you feel relaxed and happy. Here are six pieces of advice to enhance your home’s atmosphere.


Pay Attention to the Vibes

This might sound odd, but it has such an effect on space.  Don’t surround yourself with things that make you sad, or have bad memories attached to them. This includes photos, artwork, and items attached to bad experiences.

Simply take pictures down and remove things with negative connotations from your shelves so that they can no longer sap the energy out of you and out of your house. It is important that you are aware of these things, as other people pick up on these feelings.


spacejoy 4xRP0Ajk9ys unsplash Enhance Your Home Atmosphere


Optimize Your Lighting

Light plays a big role in the mood – the mood of a space and the mood of the people in it. If the lighting is wrong, space will feel wrong, regardless of the decor.

In order to optimize lighting, you need to look at the existing lighting to ascertain why it isn’t doing space justice. Look at the built-in lights. Are they too bright, or are they not bright enough?

How much space do they fill? You can even complement existing lights with lamps to create the feeling of natural light. A space needs to be well lit in order for it to be inviting.

That’s why, Viribright says that the color, brightness, bulb shape, and type should be considered when choosing a lighting option for each space. Sconces, pendant lighting, and dimmers all play into this equation, too. Good lighting adds warmth as we are psychologically programmed to move towards warm light.

Also, consider moving items out of the way of windows and opening your curtains. This seems like such a simple solution, but plenty of people forget that this is a solution.


Enhance Your Home Atmosphere


Incorporate Art and Plants

Introducing art and plants into space can really make a living space feel calmer and inviting. If you aren’t really a plant person, floral arrangements and wood finishes can help create the feeling of neutrality and natural elements still existing in the household.

For many people, art and plants can be therapeutic. It is also a creative way to give your home its own personality. Textured artwork, wallpaper, decals, family photographs with unique frames, and even ornate rugs can be used to decorate a room.

Realistically Budget for the Investment It Is

You will probably have to invest in a few new pieces as well as supplies in order to transform this space. Remember that you are creating a space that needs to be happy for you. I

t needs to turn into a space that makes you want to invite others into it and know that when they are there, they will feel just as happy and at peace within those walls as you do. You have to invest in order to create something you’ll be happy with.


Enhance Your Home Atmosphere


Create a Reflection of You

The reason you want your home to look good is so that you feel good when you are inside it. You want to feel good inside of it so that you have a space to recharge when you’ve had a bad day elsewhere. This is why you should create a space that is a reflection of you and your style.

There is more to decorating a home than furnishings and pictures on the wall. Create a positive space by bringing in your favorite things. This can be flowers, things that bring back good memories, and even family heirlooms.

Your home should be a space where you can find inspiration and escape the outside.

Add a Splash of Color

The power of color is real and has an incredible effect on the psyche. Colors can be used to create a certain feeling in a certain space. Your walls don’t all have to be the same color. Find a space that needs a color change and determine which colors best suit it as well as suit your taste and furnishings.

Get paint swatches and decide whether you want to paint the walls, or just use the color to accent the room. Some people don’t like bold colors, but it is important that you include a splash of vibrant color here and there.

There you have it. Six pieces of advice to enhance your living space. Give these a try and feel the difference for yourself.


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