6 Plumbing Issues You Must Take Seriously: When to Call a Plumber

Some plumbing issues may be treated as a minor problem. However, they can create serious issues if not checked on time. Most homeowners tend to check for a quick fix which usually ends up adding to the problem. The best solution is to trust your local plumber. Professionals know the best. Water leakage and associated problems need to be handled by expert hands before it is too late. Here, we’ve put together some signs you should call a plumber.


Plumbing Issues


1. There is No Water!

If you see there isn’t a drop of water at your home, it is time to call out for professional help. You can check out with your neighbors to know if it is a community issue or something has gone wrong within your property. Having no water is definitely a major warning sign.

2. Low Water Pressure

The water from a pipe is meant to gush. In case, you notice that it is just trickling, the pressure of water is low. The issue may be associated with pipes inside your house or even the municipal water supply. Although rare, sometimes a break within the mainline mat reduces water pressure.

Another reason may be a build-up of sediment or deposits on faucet aerators. In case, the problem does not solve even after cleaning aerators and showerheads, it is time to call a plumber. This may be a leak or breach in pipes. It can cause serious damage to the infrastructure or foundation of your home. A licensed plumber can easily pinpoint the exact cause of the change in water pressure.

Hard water is one of the significant reasons to cause a build-up of limescale in your pipes, which eventually, decreases your water pressure. Having an eco-friendly hard water treatment can save your house maintenance cost. Also, it can give you normal water pressure back too.

3. No Hot Water

Although it is normal not to have hot water after the kids have indulged in a long shower, it is not okay if the water does not get hot in another thirty minutes. If it takes hours for the water to warm up, call a plumber. He can troubleshoot the issue. The problem may also be caused by smaller tank size, a drip, temperature fluctuations, faulty igniters, fuses, etc.

4. Basement Gets Soggy

In case, the basement of your house stays damp, avoid dismissing it. It may be more than just the weather. The issue may be related to leaking pipes. An experienced plumber will spot where the leak has originated from. You can easily get rid of rainwater or other major concerns with the help of a professional. You must address a soggy basement as soon as possible. It may compromise hygiene at home with fungus and bacteria growing all around in a moist environment. Mold can cause several respiratory health issues too.

5. An Overflowing Toilet

Most people do not care about the overflowing sinks and toilets. In fact, they become a part of the household! Although in many cases, the problem is simple and can be addressed without professional help, other times the root cause needs to be understood. The toilet overflow may be due to a clog. Turn off water and keep it off. In case, toilet flows as soon as you flush, it could be a blockage. If plunges don’t work, call a local plumber.

6. You Smell Sewage!

Does your home smell like sewage? Sometimes a clog or a backup may create a peculiar smell that infuses through the home. The smell may become unbearable for occupants in no time! Instead of using sprays and room fresheners, call a professional. This may be a sign of serious plumbing distress. Hiding it or handling it on your own may make it worse and irreparable.

To sum up, call in your local plumber in case you sense something wrong with your water or pipe systems at home. Any delay may lead to serious damage to your property or health concerns in the long run.






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