6 Signs It’s Time for AC Repair

An air conditioner is one of the best appliances to have during warmer months. However, have you checked the condition of your AC lately? Your AC may look like it’s in good condition, but there may be a problem with its components. Ignoring small signs can lead your AC to have bigger and unrepairable issues. Keep your air conditioning in the best condition! Here are a few signs that tell you that it’s time for an AC repair.


1. Energy Bills Are Higher Than Usual

Did you notice that your energy bill shot up, even without you running your AC that often? If you find that your bills increased significantly, you may need a quick AC tune-up service.

It’s understandable for your bills to rise during warmer and cooler months. However, abnormal numbers in your bill need an energy audit needed. This is where an electrician will take a look at your usage and flow of energy.

Other reasons why your bill may shoot up include a broken thermostat, an aged unit, and leaking AC. It’s best to talk with a professional AC repairs company, like Larsen Heating and Air.

2. Strange Noises

It’s normal to hear rushing air and humming coming from your air conditioner. However, loud noises like growling, rattling, and knocking may be a sign of a broken AC. Those noises may indicate that there is something wrong with the AC’s condenser.

3. Frequent Water Leakage

You may notice some droplets or dripping water from the air conditioner itself. This typically means that there is a problem with the AC’s drain lines.

And without a doubt, this calls for an immediate AC repair and service. If you keep ignoring this issue, you might end up with severe damage to your AC system.

AC systems naturally build condensation and moisture. However, a damaged drain line could bring out not only water but also refrigerant liquid. This can be incredibly dangerous to both animals and people.


6 Signs It's Time for AC Repair


4. Decrease In Airflow

One of the main signs that tell you if an AC is working well is the airflow. If you can’t feel it, then there may be an issue with the fan or ductwork.

Blocked air ducts can pose a risk to your health. It can be especially bad if the debris is droppings or decomposing insects. Leaving polluted airflow may worsen existing breathing problems or respiratory illnesses.

5. Short or Excessive Cycling

Do you hear your air conditioner turn on and off at random, short intervals? This may be a sign of short cycling. A unit that cycles on and off means that your thermostat is malfunctioning or cold air is escaping.

6. Odd Smells or Emissions

Bad smells coming from your AC are a result of an unclean filter or unit. If you smell a burning smell, there may be burnt wire insulation. Other issues that may explain the odd smells include broken ductwork, faulty parts, or mold.

It’s Time For An AC Repair

Noticing odd smells to strange noises can save your AC from getting lasting damage. It’s best to get immediate help from air conditioner repair companies.

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