6 Signs You May Need A Sewer Pipe Cleaning Service

When it comes to household management, many homeowners may not think much about the inner workings of their homes. Often, the priority and focus are placed on the external elements, particularly those affecting the home’s aesthetics.

Since your home’s plumbing system is hidden, it’s easy to overlook until something goes wrong. That’s why it’s essential to have your sewer lines, pipes, and drains checked by a plumbing professional once in a while to prevent problems.

A problem in your sewer system can lead to many other issues. When your dirt and waste have nowhere else to go, they can return to your home. If this happens, you should stop using your plumbing, contact a sewer pipe cleaning specialist in Orem or wherever you may be located, and wait until the problem is solved before using it again.

There are telltale signs that calling a sewer pipe cleaning service is necessary. Be on the lookout for the following:


6 Signs You May Need A Sewer Pipe Cleaning Service


1. Slow Drains

Have you noticed that your drains are slower than usual? This situation is one of the most common signs to call a sewer pipe cleaning service.

When your drains seem sluggish, a buildup in your pipe is the possible culprit. Schedule a sewer pipe and drain cleaning ASAP before the slow drain escalates into a full-blown clog.

2. Mysterious Odors

No matter how often you spray an air freshener, your bathroom, kitchen, or washing area continues to have an unpleasant smell. More often than not, these mysterious odors indicate a plumbing issue.

The unpleasant odors from the plumbing fixtures in your home are typically due to sewer gases or waste in your drains. This issue should be dealt with immediately, not just to check what’s wrong but to end that unpleasant smell once and for all.

3. Unusual Reactions From Your Plumbing Fixtures

Another sign that signals the need to call a sewer pipe cleaning service is when you’re getting unusual reactions from your plumbing fixtures. Multiple odd reactions can take place like:

  • When you run the washing machine, the toilet overflows. When the washing machine drains, the toilet shouldn’t overflow or have water backing up. When it does, your sewer drain may be clogged.
  • When you flush the toilet, water backs up in the shower. This happens when the water is flushed from the toilet and has nowhere else to go.
  • After using the toilet, you turn on the sink to wash your hands. Simultaneously, the water in the toilet starts to bubble up when you do this. This situation is an indication of air being trapped in the plumbing system.

4. Standing Water Accumulation

Standing water in your shower, sink, or washing machine signals that the problem brought about by a slow drain has worsened. Calling a sewer pipe cleaning service is now something you shouldn’t neglect doing if you’ve been putting it off.

5. Soggy Yard

Your yard is expected to be soggy during the rainy season. This situation is not a cause for concern. However, if it stays that way even during the warm summer months, that’s when you should be worried. It can mean a serious problem with your sewage system.

The wastewater can leak into the surrounding soil when your sewer line is clogged or damaged. Especially if you notice the wet areas in your yard are very close to your sewage system, that’s a sign of a problem with your sewer drain.

6. Constant Use Of Liquid Drain Cleaners

It’s not normal to use chemical drain cleaners often. If you’ve been purchasing and using a lot of liquid drain cleaners lately, it could mean a problem with your sewer pipe.

It’s also worth mentioning that regular use of liquid drain cleaners is not recommended for clogged pipes. Many homeowners choose it as a first solution because it’s cheap, convenient, and seems to do its job.

However, what the liquid drain cleaner is doing is only a temporary fix. The more you use chemical drain cleaners, the more it eats up your pipe’s lining. Most importantly, liquid drain cleaners are made of dangerous, corrosive chemicals that aren’t safe to have around your home.


The Bottomline

While it may be unglamorous in all its aspects, your sewer system is one of the most critical parts of your home. After all, it’s responsible for collecting all the wastewater from your home, managing it, and bringing it to the sewer.

Sewer pipe cleaning services are often called for when you notice any (or worse, all) of the telltale signs above. Doing so is necessary if you want to keep it working effectively and avoid more serious problems in the future.


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