6 Smart Ways To Keep Track Of Your Keys

Tracking keys can be challenging, especially if you’ve been through a rough day at work or school. In most cases, you’d only notice that your keys are lost when you’re about to use them. Fortunately, most keys have spare ones that people can use if you can no longer find the originals.

However, you may not need duplicate keys if you’re organizing your items well. While this is a key in locating lost items, you may still need to learn some smart ways to keep track of your keys. For that purpose, here’s a content feature to guide you. Read on to learn more. 


1. Keep Your Keys In Crystal Bowls

Crystal bowls are ideal containers for keys. Apart from the mental and emotional relaxation they give, as claimed by enthusiasts, they’re easy to notice and are wide-rimmed. Because of these, you can simply place keys in these bowls and get them back without worry.

To properly track your keys, you may enrich your space with crystal bowls of various types and sizes, such as singing crystal bowls. Each crystal bowl’s color and make may signify a particular room, safe, or lock. That way, you could easily remember and locate where you had put these valuables.

2. Install A Smart Key Finder

Smart key finders or electronic key locators are tiny devices you can install or attach to your keys. These items utilize the latest wireless technology that shows its unique transmission ID. This is later picked up by a phone or other electronic tracking devices, such as a computer, that’d tell the finder where to look and find out.

To make the most of your key finder’s features, you need to ensure that it still has enough battery life. In most cases, the batteries in these devices roughly reach 12 to 36 months. In choosing a key finder, you may think about its location range within 60 meters. You may also select the items accessible through mobile applications. 


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3. Color-code Your Keys

Aside from giving a new look to your keys, color-coding them through decorating them helps you find them more easily. Let each color stand for a particular room or lock to make this work. For example, you may paint your room’s keys red while you’d color your stash box blue.

Painted keys may allow visual and quick identification, leading to a fast key location. You may limit your colors to four to six for best results, as having more colors than this may already be confusing.


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4. Consider Neon-colored Key Labels

Apart from the color, illuminated objects are also easier to identify. This is true, especially if you’re keeping the keys in a dark room. One of the effective types that could help locate keys is neon labels. This may come in the form of neon tapes or pens you may use in writing the key’s owner’s name on the key’s surfaces.

Neon labels, just like glow-in-the-dark stickers, will stand out not just in a dark area but also in a messy room. But too many cluttered areas may still hide your keys without your knowledge. Because of this, regular decluttering is vital to make this process successful.

5. Have A Key Center At Home

The best key organization in your home may include a central key station. In this organizer, all the keys in the house are kept and displayed in one place. People who’d look for a specific key will only go to the key station and get what they need.

For best use, you need to label each key properly. You may also incorporate the other insights previously given in this article, such as color-coding. Additionally, you could categorize your keys if they’re for room use or different portions of your property.


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6. Place Your Keys In Your Footwear

If forgetting has been your surname since day one, you may need to do some hacks so you can track your keys regularly. One of these hacks is to keep your keys in your shoes or slippers before you sleep for the night. You may put your footwear under your bed to easily find it first thing in the morning or after you wake up.


Wrap Up

Tracking your keys can be less challenging if you have a well-organized key finding system at home. The easiest could be the installation of a smart key finder in your key. Yet, this could be more costly than painting your keys or keeping them in crystal bowls.

Whatever decision you make, always consider that all of your choices are correct and that your selected way could only be the most suitable. For more ideas on key tracking, you may also ask your friends and other seasoned homeowners for their take.

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