6 Sweet Dessert Ideas For Valentine’s Day

You’ve probably been giving the same old Valentine’s Day candy to your loved ones–but receiving the same thing every year might not make your partner feel special. Instead, mix things up a bit. After all, this is the day when love and romance are celebrated!

Here are a few sweet dessert ideas for you to try out on this special day. Whether you’re looking to surprise your beloved or just looking to impress your friends and family with a sweet dessert, these sugary treats will surely make everyone happy.


If you have been giving chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day every year, there’s no need to change that tradition. But instead of the usual store-bought box of chocolates, you can make your sweetheart feel more special with homemade confections. Along with your sweets, make things more exceptional by ordering a bouquet of stunning flowers from The Bouqs Co. instead of just a stem of a red rose.

Besides, candies and chocolates are easy to do. Some exciting things to try are chocolate truffles, sprinkled toffee bar, and homemade heart-shaped gummies. You can even make a board of confections for your dinner with family and friends.


6 Sweet Dessert Ideas For Valentine's Day


  • Healthy Cakes

You really cannot celebrate Valentine’s without enjoying something sweet. So, if you’re trying to cut off sugar for this special occasion, you may want to consider trying marble, plum, butter, or sponge cake.

If you want something uncommon, there are other healthy dry cakes you can try, like Mawa cake and Dundee cake. The Mawa Cake is an Indian delicacy baked with lots of fruits, flavored with saffron, while the Dundee Cake is a rich Scottish cake packed with fibre-rich ingredients like almonds, sultana, and apricot jam.


6 Sweet Dessert Ideas For Valentine's Day


  • Good Old Fashion Decadent Cakes

There are many cake recipes to choose from–cakes made with nuts, carrots, lemon, and green tea, to name a few. However, the two most used ingredients that scream Valentine’s Day are chocolates and strawberries. So, for a traditional heart’s day, make sure to buy some discount flowers as a table centrepiece for your dinner, and then a Strawberry Shortcake, Deep Dark Chocolate Cake, or Chocolate Strawberry Cake for dessert. If you want your dessert to be oozing with sweetness, try chocolate souffle or lava cake with strawberry sauce.

6 Sweet Dessert Ideas For Valentine's Day

  • Cupcakes

For those celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends and family, cupcakes are the best dessert to have. These mini cakes are a hit with kids, especially if you choose those with fun and colourful designs. The key to irresistible Valentine’s Day cupcakes is in the decoration.

So even if your cupcake base is simple, like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, you can play with frostings, marshmallows, hearts, and lip-shaped sprinkles, among other toppings. If your party is an all-adult affair, you can then spice up your desserts by pairing it with merlot, sparkling or rosé wine, and even vodka for that dessert kick.


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  • Custards And Puddings

Although moist strawberry cakes and decadent chocolate truffles are a sure hit for many people during the day of hearts, a few don’t like them. So, if your beloved loves sweets but doesn’t want to go the traditional route, you may want to try custards and puddings, which are desserts made with sweetened milk, cream, and eggs. You can elevate these types of desserts for Valentine’s by adding fruits, nuts, and spices.

For example, you can elevate a simple crème brulé by adding rum raisin to the mix or a simple chocolate custard with roasted hazelnut toppings and slivers of milk chocolate. Meanwhile, you can upgrade Grandma’s pudding by adding caramel sauce spiked with rum or topping it with raspberry and white chocolate.


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  • International Favorites

Whether you are making, buying, or bringing a dessert, sometimes it’s a good idea to pair the treat with the theme of the dinner or party. For example, if you have a Mexican-themed fiesta party for Valentine’s, then maybe you can try Pastel de Tres Leches – translated as three kinds of milk cake. This dessert will perfectly fit pork carnitas, warmed tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and grilled corn with sour cream. Maybe you can even serve some mojitos on the side.

Lemon baklava is an excellent dessert for a Turkish dinner consisting of shish kebabs, yogurt soup, mixed olive salad, and Turkish coffee. Meanwhile, a chocolate soy sauce candy is an enjoyable sweet treat if you’re going for Japanese, along with favorites like shrimp tempura, different types of sushi, cheese gyoza, and wagyu sukiyaki.


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The Bottom Line

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a day to celebrate love, affection, and friendship. It’s also a day to enjoy some sweet treats with your loved ones. Whether you’re planning to give a gift to your partner or family or enjoy a sugary ending to a fantastic dinner with a loved one, this guide will help you come up with some exciting dessert ideas.

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