6 Things to Pay Attention to While Buying Things for Your New Washroom

When it is time to refurbish your washroom, you may want to consider a few important pointers to ensure the quality and longevity of your new washroom. After all, refurbishments cost a lot of money, so you want to be smart about it.

From water problems, burst pipes, leaking showers, clogged drains, to poor quality toilets that just keep causing more stress, refurbishing your washroom may end up costing double the expected costs. For this reason, we have compiled a list of things you should always pay attention to while purchasing things for your new and improved bathroom.


1. Pick the Right Shaped Toilet

You may not have noticed, but there are multiple styles for a washroom, and each comes with unique fittings and accessories that complement its design and aesthetic. Some may exude a more shiny, modern feel while others may be more traditional.

To ensure that you buy the right materials for your new washroom, you need to gauge and assess the style of your washroom. The first step is to pick the right shaped toilet that blends right in, offers excellent quality, and is comfortable to use.

Since there are hundreds of different varieties of toilets, we recommend going through home catalogs on different interior designing websites where you can also read details and even the best flushing toilet review.

You can pick between round, semi-circular, squarish, or rectangular toilets that are designed to look sleek and modern, or more classic. Additionally, pay attention to the flush plate as it varies, and you will have to check which type fits the cistern.

If you want a more technologically advanced feel to your new washroom, you can switch from standard plates to press-button options or luxury panels with sensors and infrared technology.


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2. Consider the Lighting, Ventilation, and Electrical Requirements

If your house is decades old, then your bathroom may not be equipped with adequate lighting, electrical connections, or ventilation. When purchasing items for your new washroom, consider integrating these into the new blueprints so you can upgrade it.

Lighting, ventilation, electrical connections also impact the appeal and aesthetic of your washroom. With the right color and placements of your washroom lights, you can see better and even improve the lighting around the mirror to apply makeup better.

If your old washroom did not have enough sockets, you can now add more for hair straighteners, shavers, trimmers, curling irons, etc., when getting ready as you will have an electrical socket close by.

Ventilation also affects the temperature in the washroom. It may not be very comfortable to bathe in a freezing bathroom, nor get ready in a hot washroom, so we recommend paying close attention to the ventilation.


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3. Consider New Technologies and Materials

When buying things for your bathroom, consider investing in items that will help save on energy bills and protect the environment. With rampant technological advancements, we now have access to gadgets and machines that make tasks a lot easier to carry out whilst also producing little to no waste.

Water-saving closets, automatic faucets and showerheads, shower enclosures, and a more efficient heating system such as solar water heaters can significantly lower your electricity and water bills, and they are also beneficial for the environment.

While installation of these new technologies may be a tad bit expensive, the long-term benefits are simply worth it!


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4. Invest in Bath Panels

Bath panels work wonderfully for straight or inset baths. The panels fit along the front flat edge of the bath and hide the sides as well as the bundle of water pipes underneath. You can also cover the front edge with stylish tiles to complement the look of the bathroom.

When buying things for your new washroom, you can invest in bath panels and conceal the underside of the tub and all the plumbing work which can otherwise stand out and compromise the aesthetic value of your bathroom. These can also be removed easily in case of repairs, and they are available in several different styles to suit your taste.


Things for Your New Washroom


5. Assess the Bathroom Layout and Measure Space

Before you buy that luxury jacuzzi or sleek bath, you need to assess your bathroom’s layout and measure the existing space available to fit the shower unit, toilet, and sink.

Showers and baths come in different shapes and sizes, and you need to check if the dimensions match the existing space in your washroom. You also need to plan and use the space economically, so your washroom is not too crowded, especially since it is the busiest room in the house.


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6. Check the Water Pressure

Depending on the water pressure in your home, you can determine the type of shower and other bathroom accessories perfect for your washroom. If you have a combi boiler, it would be best to purchase a mixer shower since the water pressure will be high.

On the other hand, if your home has low water pressure, you can invest in an electric shower. These are also excellent for immediate and consistent hot or lukewarm water availability. Electric showers are also energy efficient, which means that it only heats up the water when it is needed, and you will never have to wait for the water to warm up.

When purchasing items for your new washroom, consider the water pressure and hot water requirements in your area so you can make an informed decision.

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