6 Tips on How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Garage sales represent a great way for you to make some space in your home for new stuff. Perhaps you have some good vintage items, but you found new ones, and you don’t have space for the old ones anymore. Selling them at a garage sale makes sense – but you must make sure people buy the stuff. Here is what you should do in order to make your garage sale a success.

And if you aren’t feeling like a garage sale is your thing you might be interested in selling at a flea market or on an online platform.


1.    Keep Things at Eye Level

You may feel tempted to simply get out a few blankets and lay down the items there, but you should still consider getting a few tables. People are more likely to stop by if they find it easy to browse. If they have to lower themselves to see whatever items you placed there, they may not think it is worth the bother and will move on.

2.    Set Good Prices

You might feel tempted to set a higher price for something that you are sentimental about, but you need to be realistic: you’re a garage sale, not a retail shop. If you bought a sweater for $70 and you try to sell it off for $50, it probably won’t sell. However, write $25 on the price tag, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

3.    Keep the Prices Visible

Speaking of prices – aside from setting fair prices, you must also make sure they’re in plain view. If you do not have the time to set a price for each item, you should bundle them together at the same price. For example, paperback books for 50 cents and hardcover for $1. Necklaces for $1 and fancy blouses for $5. You can use colored stickers or post-its to make the prices visible.

4.   Bundle Them

People will always love a good bargain, which is why they may not be able to resist a bundle. They may not bat an eyelid at $1 per DVD, but if you bundle four at $2, this will catch their attention. If the day is nearing an end and you just want to get rid of the stuff, simply give them the option to fill a bag for a flat fee.

5.    Put the Bigger Items at the Front

If you have bigger items, such as a couch, a wardrobe, or a kid wagon, place them outside the garage, at the front. This will attract those who are passing by, making it more likely for them to come and see what you have to sell. If you don’t place anything catchy in front of the garage, people will not know what you have for sale, and they’ll just go right past you.

6.   Pick a Good Date

The date of your garage sale may also determine your success. Weekends are the best, as many people are free around that time to take a walk. Consider doing it on the first day of the month, as people tend to get paid right about then. Check the weather as well and go for a sunny and pleasant day. Nobody will stop by when it’s cold and rainy.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to doing a garage sale, preparation is key. Take your time and make sense of the stuff that you are trying to sell. This should convince the buyers that you are a good deal.

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