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6 Useful Tips On How To Decorate Your Child Room With Vinyl

One of the best ways to decorate a child’s room is using vinyl. Vinyl is an inexpensive material that can be used in many different ways, whether it be for wall art or flooring.  There are many fun and creative vinyl designs that you can use to decorate your child’s room! In this blog post, we will provide 6 useful tips on how to decorate your child’s room with vinyl.


  • Consider a theme

Having a thought-out theme for decorating your child’s room can make it more interesting and engaging. Here are some brainstorming ideas: 

  • Colors 
  • Animals
  • Plants 
  • Artwork 

It is important to keep in mind that the theme should reflect what interests you or your children. This will help them feel engaged with their new space, making decorating a much more enjoyable process.

Consider using vinyl stickers for walls if you are recycling furniture from other rooms of the house as they provide an opportunity to create something new while preserving old clothes. Even sticking frames on a wall can help decorate without spending money! 


Decorate Your Child Room With Vinyl


  • Use SVG files

SVG files are perfect for decorating a child’s room with vinyl as they provide the ability to create custom graphics that can be uploaded and used in various ways. They are excellent for decorating children’s rooms because of their usefulness.

You have access to any image from anywhere, so you don’t need to worry about copyright laws or whether your designs will suit what is available on the market. You can use free mermaid SVG files and have great decor without spending a dime.

The best part? You’re not limited by how much space you might have when decorating using SVG files: even if your walls aren’t exactly square (or level), it doesn’t matter! 

  • Use a variety of colors

Playing with colors is a great way to decorate your child’s room with vinyl. Most people tend to decorate in one even color, but using colors is much more appealing and it can be used as an opportunity for contrast.


  • Darker colors are often good choices because they will help you avoid any possible eye strain from looking at the walls all day long. 
  • Light colors such as white or cream work well when paired with darker colors like navy blue or black.
  • If you want something bold, use one of your favorite shades that are not too bright (like cobalt).
  • Use different textures by combining rough materials like concrete tiles with smooth glossy surfaces on furniture items.
  • Doing this will give the room character! It also makes shopping easier because you can find decorating materials that are similar in textures.
  • Use colors as an opportunity for contrast, not just to create a cohesive look. 


Decorate Your Child Room With Vinyl


  • Find out what your child likes and make it the focal point of the room

Knowing what your child likes is the key to decorating the room. This is because it will help you figure out what colors and designs that they would appreciate. If for example, he likes cars or trains then decorate with those items in mind.

If your child has a favorite color, use a lot of things in this color like curtains, bedsheets, and even books on shelves if possible. It also helps if you have children of different age groups living together as their tastes are often similar but not always the same. 

  • Add pops of color with accessories and furniture

Furniture can be a great way to decorate your child’s room with vinyl. You can add pops of color by choosing furniture in contrasting colors or patterns. For instance, if you have an all-white room, choose colorful furniture pieces for their individuality and charm. 

If you decorate with chalkboard paint, children can decorate their own room! Draw your little artist up a chalk drawing and watch them get creative. This is also great for practicing letters or numbers as they grow older. 

Create something that will be easy to clean by choosing vinyl fabric in certain colors or patterns. For instance, if the child has an affinity for animals then choose animal print prints of furniture pieces like chairs, couches, and rugs. 


Decorate Your Child Room With Vinyl


  • Select age-appropriate furniture that is durable and safe

A child’s safety should be a top priority when it comes to decorating their room. Select furniture that is durable and safe for children to play on, such as vinyl chairs or vinyl tables. 

To make vinyl furniture safe and durable, cover vinyl chairs with a rubber mat to prevent children from sliding. Cover vinyl tables with vinyl tablecloths or contact paper to create an attractive tabletop that can be wiped down easily.


Creating a child’s playroom or nursery is an exciting project. One of the best ways to set up your space and create a comfortable environment for you and your little one will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish with this area, be it playtime, sleeping time, or anything in between. Hopefully, these tips helped you in creating the perfect children’s bedroom easier!

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