6 Ways to Create a Calming Garden Environment

If you have a noisy home, here are our ideas on how to use your outdoor space to create a calming garden environment.

We all need moments of peace and quiet to escape from reality, and help us to live a happier life. Finding a tranquil spot to destress and unwind will benefit your well-being. It gives you the chance to collect your thoughts, take stock of everything you have to really appreciate it, and be thankful for life.


Build a meditation area

A decking area or room in your garden will provide somewhere for you to place a meditation or yoga mat, soft cushions, or comfortable seating. Whatever the size or shape of your garden, there are plenty of designs available to suit your needs.

A garden cabin or summerhouse will give protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy the space all year round, not just in the spring and summer. A gazebo is ideal because you can still immerse yourself in the outdoors, and see and hear nature while remaining in the shelter and shade. Meditating or practicing yoga in wet weather treats you to the soothing natural sounds of rainfall.

Opting for garden structures made from natural wood and sustainable materials will help you get in the right frame of mind for practicing mindfulness and wellness. Adding blankets and soft furnishings will help create the perfect place to relax.


garden log cabin dunster house rhine Calming Garden Environment


Create a sensory garden

Use your senses to connect with nature and be in the moment. Spend time in your garden area just sitting, watching and listening.

Fill your garden with lots of fragrant plants, flowers, and herbs that look beautiful and smell wonderful too. Things like lavender, peppermint and chamomile release pleasant aromas and are known to have mind-clearing properties as well. But it is completely up to you. Planting your favorite flowers and surrounding yourself with the sights and smells you like, will bring you joy.

Listen out for the sounds of nature all around you like the joyful chirping of birds, buzzing of bees and rustling leaves. One of the most soothing sounds is gently running water. But if you don’t live near a babbling brook, then you can add your own sound effects with a water feature or fountain. Watching the hypnotic flow and movement will bring you peace and calm.

Being outdoors in the fresh air is good for your health and mental wellbeing. The feeling of the gentle breeze and the sun on your face will really help you live in the moment and lift your spirits.


6 Ways to Create a Calming Garden Environment



It will be easier to get in a peaceful state of mind if the area around you is free from clutter. A clear mind needs a clear space, so if your garden is too cluttered, your mind will be too full and busy too. However, this does not mean your garden has to be empty, but you should think about removing anything that is not really essential or does not bring you joy.

Hide items away in a shed, so they are not strewn messily around the garden or a distraction in your line of view. These may all be things that you need to keep, but they probably don’t need to be out on display. Storing your tools, outdoor toys, bikes, and garden furniture that’s not currently in use, will also help keep them protected and safe.


6 Ways to Create a Calming Garden Environment


Make a reading corner

If you enjoy a good book, it is worth creating a cozy seating area to sit and read, as it can be a very relaxing activity. If the reading has never really been your thing try getting lost in an audiobook instead. Add a comfy chair or hammock to sit in, and a small table to rest a refreshing drink or cleansing tea on.

Your special area can either be out in the open to reap the benefits of being outdoors or placed underneath a canopy for some shelter and shade. Log cabins make the ideal garden rooms as they make a beautiful focal point and are perfect for a wide variety of uses. This multipurpose building can double up as a meditation space, reading corner, or general relaxation room.

Install a hot tub

Installing a hot tub is the ideal way of creating a relaxing garden environment. As you rest in the tub, the warm water will soothe away aches and pains to relax your whole body. Relieving physical tensions will also help to relieve troubles and worries from the mind. The sounds of the bubbling water will have calming properties too.

For added privacy and protection from the weather, place your hot tub underneath a gazebo or inside a garden room.


6 Ways to Create a Calming Garden Environment


Add mood lighting

Adding some lighting to your garden space will create an atmosphere, and allow you to use the area into the evening, even after the sun goes down. Solar lights are the easy to install option without any hassles of connecting up to a mains electricity supply. Hang strings of fairy lights around fences, trees, or a pergola. Burning a citronella candle will smell lovely, and ward off insects too.

We’ve armed you with all the information you need to create a calming garden environment, so what are you waiting for?

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