6 Ways to Get the Highest Valuation for Your Property

It is always a good idea to get your property evaluated before putting it on the market. Sellers can get in touch with their local estate agent who will organise a property valuation or they can directly contact a surveyor for the valuation. Of course, you can always request a free property valuation which will in turn let you know the approximate value of your property within minutes! A property valuation is essentially done to determine the approximate value of a property by keeping various factors in mind, which in turn will help sellers list their property on the market with the right selling price. If you have been thinking about getting your property evaluated, here are some ways to get the highest valuation for your property.

Show off the space:

The size and space of a home play a big role in determining the overall value of the property. One way to make your property look bigger is by getting rid of any clutter.

If a room is overcrowded and cluttered, it will look smaller than it actually is, which in turn will impact the value of the property. Arrange the interiors in a manner that your property looks neat, clean and spacious. After all, a big master bedroom, a spacious kitchen and even a big bathroom will fetch a high price.

Be present during the valuation:

When a surveyor is visiting your property for a valuation, try to be present on site. For one, if the surveyor has any questions then he or she can ask you directly instead of just assuming.

For instance, if the surveyor feels that the plumbing is old but you let them know that you recently got the plumbing repaired, you could prevent some minus points during the valuation. Also, you will be able to show off the best features of your property, some of which might go unnoticed if you are not on site.

Fix everything that needs fixing:

Whether the tap in the bathroom is leaking or the cabinets in the kitchen are creaking, fix whatever needs fixing. Make sure everything is repaired, from a broken bathroom tile to a faulty light switch, from a cracked sink to a loose door knob, fix it all.

While small repairs and damages will not reduce the value of your property significantly, the fact that the future owners do not have to make any renovations or repairs might actually increase the worth of your property. Think of it like this, a top-notch property will have a higher valuation than a property that requires repair.

Talk about the renovations:

Before the surveyor visits your property, let them know about the renovations that you have undertaken in the past few years. Whether you have upgraded the kitchen or added a new bathroom, if you have redecorated a bedroom or converted the attic into a home office, let the surveyor know. Certain renovations and chances could instantly add value to your property, so be sure to mention everything!

It’s all about the exterior:

Before a property evaluator walks into your home, he or she notices the exteriors. And, we all know that first impressions matter. So, you need to make sure that the exterior of your home looks outstanding. Apply a fresh coat of paint, landscape like a pro and add to the curb appeal.

Nowadays, a spacious garden is a popular demand among potential buyers, so try to create a beautiful well-kept garden – it will certainly add to the overall value of your property. If you don’t have a garden, creating a small kitchen garden in the backyard or just placing some potted plants along the front of your home could also do the trick.

Check the market forecast:

Before you even opt for a property valuation, you should check the market forecast and the market trends. This will give you a fair idea of how much the market will grow in the coming years. If you really do in-depth research of the market, you will be able to find out the market forecast for your area, your neighborhood, and maybe even for your street.

So, when you do meet the surveyor, you could speak to them about the market forecast and your research. This is very important if you feel that the average price of a property in your area will increase in the coming years, as that could impact the valuation of your property. Also, this will help you understand whether or not the surveyor has determined an accurate value for your property or if you should opt for a second opinion.


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