6 Ways to Personalize Your New Home

When you purchase a new house, it often comes with fixtures, paint colors, and finishes depending on the previous owner’s preferences and taste. In this article, we highlight six projects you could take on to personalize your new space.


1.   Display personal photos

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make your space feel like home is getting your family’s favorite photos up on the wall or desks. You can tell exciting and emotional life stories and share memories through pictures while creating personalized home decor.

You could display them in the form of photo souvenirs or small-framed pictures arranged in groups on a horizontal surface or larger poster-size photos hung on walls. Be sure to use removable photo-hanging strips in place of nails to avoid putting holes on the walls.

6 Ways to Personalize Your New Home

2.   Swap the lighting

Swapping the lighting in your new home is a great way to put a mark on the space. Place table lamps or floor lamps strategically in your home to personalize the area when working under a tight budget. For a dramatic change, hang a chandelier above the kitchen table or the entryway. You could also spruce up your outdoor space by adding a strand of market lights on the porch or balcony.

If you want to make your space more energy-efficient, consider switching to LED lighting. Check out ELSAustralia.com.au for all your electrical and lighting solutions.


gray living room 01 Personalize Your New Home

3.   Upgrade the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it should reflect your style. Make your kitchen cabinets and walls more appealing by adding a fresh coat of paint. If the kitchen faucet is old, consider swapping it with a new model.

However, make sure that the new faucet coordinates with the drawer pulls and cabinet hardware, or consider switching them too. You could also replace the existing countertops with granite or marble countertops to boost your kitchen’s visual appeal. Do not forget to upgrade the kitchen appliances to suit your family’s needs and current lifestyle. Moreover, you can talk to experts at Kelowna new home developments for kitchen-related design ideas.


modern kitchen reno gj scaled 1 Personalize Your New Home
(Image credit: Gillian Jackson)

4.   Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint onto your space is one of the cheapest home improvements and is guaranteed to create a personalized feel. Visualize your dream home and choose exciting colours for your home’s exterior to improve the curb appeal.

Have the respective room inhabitants select ideal colours that reflect their style but ensure that the shade matches the room’s function for the interior space.  For instance, the living room should bring a warm and energizing feel while bedrooms create a restful sanctuary.


how to paint a room step 5 Personalize Your New Home


5.   Add area rugs

If you do not like your new house’s flooring and cannot afford major remodels, you should consider introducing area rugs. Whether you go for something colourful or graphic, a roll of minimalist woven jute, or classic antique rugs, a fluffy shag can make your home feel ultra-comfortable and fresh.  Be sure to put area rugs in rooms with minimal foot traffic or away from entrances if you are worried about keeping them clean.


How to Make Your Interior Attractive


6.   Upgrade your bathroom’s details

If you don’t have enough funds or time to take on a complete bathroom remodel,  consider freshening up the space with minor swaps. You could change the light fixtures and towel bars, cabinet hardware, and faucets or add a mirror.


Traditional bathroom makeover with sage panelled walls and monochrome statement tiles Personalize Your New Home



Do not live by the previous homeowner’s paint or hardware choices. Instead, invest in the above projects to put a personal touch on your new space.

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