7 Best Places to Visit in Europe 2022

A continent well known for its royal architecture, vibrant cities, mesmerising natural landscapes, and renowned cuisines, it’s no surprise why Europe is one of the top regions in the world for a dreamy vacation. Subsequent to the hard past couple of years due to the pandemic, Europe’s spectacular destinations are now back on their feet and welcoming tourists all over the world.

There are so many amazing destinations in Europe, and this makes it even more difficult to make a choice. From island hopping in Croatia to indulging in a luxurious winter ski holiday in the Swiss Alps to island with the glitterati on the French Riviera, they’re places in Europe for everyone.

Vacations can be quite expensive so it is important to do your research before embarking on one. Planning a visit to Europe in 2022 but not sure where you’ll have the most fun? Whether you plan to visit one country, a couple or more, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best places that will inspire your next visit.


1. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

If you love skiing, the Swiss Alps will be a treat for you as it’s one of the best places to visit in Europe for skiing. Even the smallest communities in this region are not lacking ski lifts. However, the super-swish ski destinations such as St Moritz, Verbier or St Anton arguable offers the quintessential Swiss Alps experience.


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2. Vernice, Italy

Vernice is a dreamy city that’s impressive from the get-go. Since it’s built on canals, the main mode of transportation is by Vaporetto– a Venetian public waterbus or by gondola– a type of boat controlled by a boatman. Home to a wealth of art, incredible canals and a rich history, it’s no surprise why Vernice is one of the most visited destinations in Italy.


7 Best Places to Visit in Europe 2022


3. London, United Kingdom

London is a city that wonderfully blends history and modernity, from the famous red phone booths of the past to the royal family. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or shopaholic, you will enjoy spending time in Oxford Street, while foodies will enjoy the famed Harrod’s tea time. Abbey Road is a must-see for bookworms and music fans alike.

A trip to London isn’t complete without seeing the iconic”Big Ben Tower,” Buckingham Palace and London Bridge. Most are the famous landmarks in London is close to one another, so exploring these places shouldn’t be a hassle. Also, London train lines, buses and taxis are great to get around London during your vacation.


7 Best Places to Visit in Europe 2022


4. Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea! Even in our list today. Many people consider Paris to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. There is so much to do and lots of places to explore in this city of light. From exploring the Louvre to sightseeing the famous Eiffel Tower, to channelling your inner child in Disneyland, the fun doesn’t stop in this city. Paris is unarguably good for your eyes, heart, mouth and soul.


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5. Rome, Italy

Many people refer to Rome as the world’s finest outdoor museum. Even if you’ve been to the Eternal City several times, the first sight of the Pantheon as you enter the Piazza Della Rotonda will make your jaws drop. The Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps, and are well worth seeing and this is what makes Rome one of the best places to visit in Europe.


7 Best Places to Visit in Europe 2022


6. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, a famed seaside capital, is known for its museums and ancient landmarks. Lisbon has been one of the most overlooked cities in Europe for quite some time now but looks like this spectacular city is now getting the tourist attention it deserves- you’ll get this when you see the seaside scenery, historic architecture, monument of discoveries, and of course, the pastéis de nata.


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7. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest may not be the number one city that springs to mind when thinking of Europe’s great architectural capitals, but it does have some of the world’s best representations of Art Nouveau. As you travel across the legendary Danube River, take in the splendour of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge- a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On a trip to Budapest, do not miss out on exploring the Central Market, St. Stephen’s Basilica and Heroes’ Square & Statue Park.


7 Best Places to Visit in Europe 2022

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