7 Best Ways to Market Your Property During the Pandemic

The outbreak of Covid-19 may have stalled your plans to sell your home temporarily, but it does not hurt to know a few unique ideas to sell your property fast, as many nations move towards a post-crisis scenario. A few activities like sprucing up your property and repairing it may increase its resale value very much.

The outbreak of the pandemic has shaken the roots of the real estate industry in many states, namely the resale and construction segment. It has almost been half a decade since the real estate market faced a drop in demand. This is because the spread of the virus left many sellers desperate for the prices they want.

But sellers in this situation have employed a couple of hacks and are innovatively using this season. They are negotiating better and can secure better prices for the sale of their houses.

Whether you spruce up the interior or speak with a broker, you certainly need to be on top of your selling game to make sure you get the best price.

In this article, we share a few things you can do to market your property during the pandemic to get the best results.


7 Best Ways to Market Your Property During the Pandemic


Groom” your property

Usually, a well-maintained property attracts good buyers much faster compared to a property that’s not well kept. When a seller is looking to put their property on the market, he/she needs to think about putting a new coat of paint on the apartment externally and also internally. This will alone will enhance the overall property-surveying experience to the prospective buyer and also add a dash of freshness to the process.

In addition, if the property is a rented one and the tenant did a poor job at looking after it, then cleaning the property thoroughly is standard procedure. You can do this by hiring the services of a professional cleaning service so that the property is more presentable on the inside as well.

This certainly is the most critical element to consider if you want to get your property ready for a successful sale. It makes the property look spacious and clean and also gives the impression to new owners that it’s ready for them to move in. If you are looking for beautiful NYC Condos For Sale you will find the same principle applied.

Let everyone know

Once your property is ready for purchase, you should let the whole world know. The seller can start by telling his/her family members, friends, and persons around the neighborhood so that more people can know about your intention to sell more quickly.

At times the people you know may recommend the property to their relatives. The more people who know about your intention to sell the faster the property will get sold. This will also give you more options because when there are many potential buyers you will gain an advantage and be able to negotiate a higher price.


7 Best Ways to Market Your Property During the Pandemic


Energy conservation

In these modern times, green homes are trending as discussions around preserving the environment take center stage. The usage and installation of smart meters and LED lights will expand its green quotient. Thus making room for your property to have a lot of natural light coming through its walls, doors, windows, and ceilings. In general, this cuts the overall electricity of the home down. Selling a sustainable home will certainly increase buyer interest.

Be transparent

When a home is put for sale in the real estate market, documents showing all previous owners of the property are very important. This is because when a buyer shows interest, he/she must be reassured that a title of the property is clear and that no ambiguity exists when it comes to ownership. So to achieve a successful sale you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Chain of ownership paperwork
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Legal title deed
  • Tax receipts for the property
  • Certificate of no-objection
  • A standard power attorney certificate (if necessary)

If all the relevant documents are shown to a potential buyers during the discussion time, the buyer will feel more secure about any legalities when it comes to the fine prints concerning the property. In addition, it also helps the seller save time when finalizing the sale.


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Maximize the use of social media

Social media platforms and a Google search are some of the first points of contact prospects use when searching for a house. This particularly happens more frequently when home shoppers are indoors and depend on the internet to do some of their research on the properties they like.

Individuals who currently rent or those who are permanent residents and are searching for another place to stay can be found “searching” on various social media groups. Social media groups can serve as a fertile playground to find promising prospects.

Spread the word using platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Expand your reach by using many platforms too like Olx.com or Gumtree. The more platforms you use the more you will increase your chances of getting the best buyer.

Use smart technology

If you are wanting to sell a well-furnished house, enhancing the value of the property with smart technology will increase buyers’ interest many times over. For instance, installing a smart home gadget like a smart electricity appliance, a video doorbell, a smart infotainment system, and adaptive lighting technology will work wonders to give your property the edge.

Lastly – provide freebies

As home buyers have been looking to be homeowners for the longest time (with the Coronavirus adding to this extension), they have become quite vulnerable. So a good trick is to attract buyers with jaw-dropping offers.

These offers can range from them getting a rebate if they do a complete payment in one go, to offering easy installments at a decreased down payment. You can even go as far as offering a gift hamper or a television set on every purchase. Making use of the festive cheer can certainly help you seal the deal and bring the money home – literally!

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