7 Candle Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires

More than 7,000 house fires per year are started by candles. In addition, 90 Americans per year on average lose their lives due to unsafe candle usage. Candle safety around your home can help you prevent the next fire tragedy.

What is candle safety? It is adhering to some crucial rules and standards around your home when dealing with candles. If you have never thought about candle safety before, you need to brush up on some safety rules.

This guide can help keep your family and you safe when using candles around your home. With a few safety rules in place, candles are nothing to worry about.

Read on to learn 7 crucial candle safety tips to prevent house fires.


7 Candle Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires


1. Never Leave a Candle Unattended

If you light a candle in your home, plan to stick around its general vicinity while it burns. It is ok to walk out of the room for a moment, but don’t leave your house without blowing out the candle.

You also don’t want to leave children alone in a room with a candle for any amount of time. If they bump into the candle by accident, they may knock it over and start a fire. Be present when your children are around candles.

2. Put Candles on Large Sturdy Surfaces

You don’t want to put your candle in a place where it may fall over. That nightstand may seem like the perfect place for a cozy candle, but if it wobbles you should put it somewhere else.

All it takes is one careless bump by a pet or family member and your candle can tumble off an unsteady surface. Pick surfaces with enough space for your candle so it is not near an edge to deter falls.

3. No Candles Near Flammable Objects

While this one may seem obvious, you would be surprised at the number of things in your home that are flammable. From the drapes by your window sill to the stack of magazines, all can catch on fire.


7 Candle Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires


4. Use Candle Safety Covers

Avoid buying candles that don’t have a glass safety cover. A safety cover ensures that even if a candle burns down, it won’t burn out of its container. These 100 percent soy candles are good examples of what to look for.

5. Check Your Smoke Detectors

If a candle starts a fire, it will most likely be a small one at first unless it catches something like your drapes. Being alerted to a small fire in time to stop it can make all the difference.

A working smoke detector provides you with the ability to catch a small candle fire early. It can also wake you up if you are sleeping.


7 Candle Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires


6. Don’t Use Candles Right Before Bed

It’s a bad idea to light a candle right before you go to bed. While it might be tempting to relax with some nice aromas, use a diffuser instead. You don’t want to fall asleep only to wake up in a firestorm.

7. Dispose of Matches the Right Way

If you light your candle with a match, make sure you dispose of it the right way. Dip the match in water and put it on a non-flammable surface such as an ashtray. Never put a match you just lit a moment ago into the trash.


Candle Safety Advice Will Save Your Life

There is nothing wrong with enjoying some pleasant candles around your home. With the tips in this candle safety guide, you can now do so with peace of mind.

Use the 7 tips in this guide to ensure you have a safe experience with candles around your home. For other information on par with this article, make sure to check out the rest of our site.

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