7 Crawl Space Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Crawl spaces: the closest most homes get to a whimsical secret passage. Sadly, the reality is often more disappointing. Maintaining a crawl space can be a headache, and they’re suspectable to a whole range of issues. Still, a little knowledge goes a long way. Here are seven crawl space maintenance tips for homeowners.


1. Inspect Your Electricals

Some home crawl spaces have electrical wiring.

If so, you should check these often for damage. Damaged wires could be a sign of pests, and they also pose a fire hazard. If you spot any issues, call an electrician to fix them ASAP.

2. Look Out for Leaks

Pipes can also run alongside or through crawl spaces. A leak in one of these pipes can cause a lot of damage if it goes unnoticed.

Check your pipes often for signs of leaks, like wet patches, fungal growth, or dripping and hissing sounds. This could save you a fortune if you catch a leak in time.

3. Clean Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are more than unsightly—they’re dangerous to health.

Check your crawl space often and clean out any mold or mildew that has built up. While you’re there, look for the probable cause behind it. It usually means you have a problem with humidity and moisture in the crawl space.

Cleaning a crawl space can be tricky, for obvious reasons. If you struggle with this step, consider calling professional cleaners instead of struggling to do it yourself.

4. Control Humidity and Moisture

This brings us to this fact: as cramped, dark, and enclosed spaces, crawl spaces often have a moisture problem.

While that might not sound like a real threat, moisture is insidious. It leads to the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungi. This can cause a health hazard and damage the structure of your home. Encapsulate your crawl space to ensure no moisture ever can damage your home by calling in a professional.

Control crawl space humidity to keep your crawl space clean and healthy.

5. Keep Pests Out

If you don’t need regular access to your crawl space, considering installing elements that will keep pests out. Crawl spaces are the perfect environment for household pets ranging from rats and mice to cockroaches.

A simple meshed grill can cover up a crawl space while denying access to pests.

6. Call the Exterminator

If you do spot signs that pests have taken up residence in your crawl space, get rid of them ASAP. Pests left unchecked can make a mess, chew cables, and multiply.

A pest problem is much easier to tackle if you do it early. So don’t hesitate when it’s time to call the exterminators.

7. Install Insulation

Moisture build-up often occurs due to a temperature differential. The warm air of your home meets colder outside air and boom—you have condensation.

That’s why installing insulation can help to combat crawl space woes. The insulation creates a barrier between the two temperature zones, preventing moisture build-up.

Crawl Space Maintenance Made Easy

These seven tips will keep crawl space maintenance easy—and that’s the best kind of maintenance.

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