7 Easy Steps to Cleaning your Fridge: Cleaning Hacks

The fridge is one of the areas of your kitchen that often remains forgotten. However, you really want to clean it, especially before any major holiday, where it is likely that it will have to store much of your food. A thorough clean of the fridge doesn’t need to feel like a bother. By implementing the following easy steps to cleaning your fridge, you can address the job quite easily.


Steps to Cleaning your Fridge


Step 1: Create some working space

Before you unload the appliance of everything to free the area for cleaning, you want to ensure that you have a clean space to store all the food. It is only temporary, of course. Make sure there is enough free counter space. Since you will be cleaning some parts of the fridge in the sink, make sure that it is free for the task. In case you need to dispose of some food, keep a garbage bin nearby.

Step 2: Empty the contents

the next step is to empty the fridge and freezer of all contents. Group your food together in such a way so that you can later stash it back in with ease. If any of the bottles with sauces are dirty, give them a quick rinse in the sink. Inspect for any expired items, or moldy produce and toss them in the empty trash bin.

Step 3: Remove the trays and bins

Once you have emptied the fridge, it is time to remove the shelves, trays, and practically any other detachable item. Fill the sink with warm soapy water and soak them there. Give them a good scrub. While you are doing the thorough clean of the fridge, you should check to see if any bulbs need replacements in there or if the water dispenser needs some attention.

Step 4: Clean all surfaces

now the fridge is free of food and other items that usually reside inside. You can now get to work with a damp cloth on cleaning all of the insides. Look for any stains on the inside or leaks that might have happened. Don’t also forget to clean the outside of the fridge, as fingerprints and other signs mark the area.

Step 5: Bring out the vacuum for the condenser coils

this is one of the fridge areas that require special attention. A lot of dust usually builds up there, so you need to clean it unless you want the appliance to run less efficiently. Vacuuming the area is a simple step, which not only gets rid of impurities but also improves the work of the fridge and minimizes risks for it. You may need to move the unit so that you expose the coils for better cleaning. Use this opportunity to clean the floor underneath the fridge too.

Step 6: Reorganize the fridge

once you are done with the cleaning, it is time to reassemble your fridge. If you so desire, you can rearrange the shelves and crispers in a way that makes more sense to you. Consider what best works for you and your family. Make sure you implement such an organization that doesn’t lead to more food spoils.

Step 7: Stock up fresh food

Restocking with fresh food is perhaps the greatest reward you can get after cleaning the fridge. Make a list of what you need and go shopping. Test to see if the arrangement you did in the previous step works well.

Following all of these steps to cleaning your fridge is not difficult at all. You will find that the task is, in fact, pleasant, as it guarantees your food will be stored in a cleaner environment.

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