7 Effective Tips To Market A New-Build Development

Nowadays, buyers have higher expectations and demands than ever. Because of this, home builders must work harder to sell their new-build developments. Marketing your property effectively will help you meet targets and adhere to project deadlines. To ensure success, it will be essential to utilise the right techniques and set up a marketing strategy. Within this article, you will find seven key tips to create a strong marketing plan to sell your new-build properties.


Develop A Brand Strategy

Firstly, focus on defining your target audience for all new-build developments. This will guide you in the process of meeting the needs and expectations of the end buyer. You will have to maintain a consistent look across all marketing activity. As a result, you will be able to raise awareness and create a strong brand that will appeal to potential buyers.

Remember to consider the physical site signage as well. It is important to think about banners, hoardings, direction signs and boards. As the build progresses, ensure you keep everything up-to-date.

Provide Assurance And Information

Buying a new property is a major financial commitment for many people. First-time buyers may be more cautious about taking the first step. For instance, safety is a key factor which needs to be considered. Buildsafe offers a New Build 10 Year Warranty you can take out to make sure future owners are protected.

If you would like to market your new-build property successfully, you can get a new home warranty quote from here or secure a building warranty quote from J3 advisory. This can assure buyers and help them navigate this process more easily. In addition, make sure you are available to address any concerns.

7 Effective Tips To Market A New-Build Development


Emphasise On The Benefits

Most buyers may not be aware of the benefits of buying a new-build development as opposed to a lived-in property. Moreover, home builders often overlook this point and spend their efforts on other marketing techniques. However, you should make sure you highlight the benefits in all your content and optimise your website.

Some important advantages you can mention can be the cost-effective and easy maintenance of new-build properties. In addition, running costs can be lower due to modern efficiencies. Ensure you use relevant phrases so that potential buyers can find this information easily.

Present Financing Options

You will need to ensure potential buyers are aware of the financing options available to them. As a home builder, you can assist them with finding the right financial support. For instance, you can introduce them to the Help to Buy scheme. This is a loan aimed at first-time buyers looking to buy a new-build property costing no more than £600,000.

Eligible candidates will be able to secure a new build mortgage with only a 5% deposit. As a result, there will be a whole pool of potential buyers you will be able to target through your marketing content.

Encourage Visualisation

One of the major issues home builders face is the reluctance of buyers to purchase a new property off-plan. However, you can take steps to help them visualise the end result. For example, you can use computer-generated images based on architectural plans.

This can be an effective way to provide a realistic image of how a property will look like when finished. It may also be possible to show buyers how different fittings and fixtures might appear. They will be able to get an insight into the interior potential of the property and build a perception of the lifestyle they can have.

Utilise Digital Marketing

It is common for house hunters to browse the Internet for property information. Because of this, it is recommended that you establish a strong presence online for the duration of the build. You can start by checking that relevant information is easy to access on your website.

In order to attract more traffic, make sure you apply the best web design and SEO techniques. Remember to identify social media platforms that are used the most by your target market. Then, focus on creating relevant and helpful content to build a connection. Also, you should consider advertising on popular websites such as Rightmove.

Design A Quality Brochure

Another helpful technique you can use is to design a stylish property brochure covering all of the details and benefits of the development. A well-designed brochure will reflect the high quality of your development and assure buyers that this can be their ideal home.

The design should stand out using a unique approach. Alongside visuals, you should consider including information about the location, history of the property, future plans as well as company credentials. A quality brochure can be a great point of reference for buyers to discuss their purchase with friends and family.

Marketing a new-build property development is more challenging than ever. However, there are some useful techniques you can explore to connect with potential buyers. It is crucial to stand out from the competition by delivering exceptional quality.

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