7 Fantastic Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas You’ll Love

On average, U.S. homeowners spend $15,000 every year on home renovations.

Renovation helps increase the beauty and functionality of your property. By choosing the best home renovation ideas to uplift your living space, you can ensure that the value of your property increases without spending a ton of money.

When choosing home renovation projects, always keep them simple and elegant. Here are value-adding home renovation tips that will put your home on a pedestal in the market.


1. Kitchen Makeover

It is no secret that the kitchen is the heart of everyone’s home. Think about the wholesome family dinners you have had during the holidays. No matter how busy everyone is in your home, it is always the best feeling when everybody sits down to eat meals together.

Renovating a kitchen depends on its condition and age. If you have a tiny kitchen that is a little separated from the rest of the house, you do not need to go through much hassle. You can just tear down some walls to turn it into an open-plan kitchen.

This way, even if it is tucked away in a corner, you can mingle with others while cooking. This will also create the most modernized look, making it easier to flow through other areas. When buyers come knocking on your door with their offers, an open-plan kitchen will be your biggest selling point.

Alternatively, you can also create a kitchen island by moving all the storage space from the floor to your ceiling. This is ideal if you have a smaller living space. If you do not have a big budget to spend, you can do smaller retouches instead.

These can be benchtops, appliances, new cabinets, better lighting, and a splashback with a contemporary color theme. Stained fixtures like taps should also be cleaned or replaced with shiny new ones.

This is one of the best home renovation ideas because you can get a lot of little bits here and there without splurging a lot of money. Any kitchen renovation is better than nothing. So, you can always count on your property’s value skyrocketing no matter what.


7 Fantastic Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas You’ll Love


2. Curb Appeal

Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes for a moment. Think about how your home would look to someone walking up to the front door for the first time. Is your home exuding a lot of warmth and pleasure? Or does it scare people because there are too many cobwebs and broken tiles?

To give the best first impression, you must focus on what an outsider thinks of your property. This is known as curb appeal. You should ensure that you have a defined entrance and a maintained garden.

The key is to convince buyers that they want to spend the rest of their lives walking in and out of your home after the sale.

By maximizing your street appeal, you can effortlessly add value to your property without spending a lot. A few minor fixes will do the job unless you want to revamp your entire garden and turn it into a luxury oasis.


 7 Fantastic Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas You’ll Love

3. Bathroom Retreat

Most homeowners want more than basic functionality regarding bathrooms. After all, we want to soak in the tub with elegant bath salts or sit on the toilet laughing at memes a little longer before heading off to work.

Unlike public bathrooms that you cannot wait to run out from after using, your home bathroom should feel like the most comfortable place on earth. By switching to a retreat-style bathroom, you can inspire relation and indulgence like no other.

All it takes is natural-hued accessories to inspire a spa-like vibe and a wall-mounted vanity for elegance. A bathroom renovation can easily increase your property value by 10%, even if you only do small cosmetic renovations like fittings and fixtures.


7 Fantastic Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas You’ll Love


4. Bedroom Paradise

If your bedroom can beat luxury hotels, buyers will be running to write a check. Many people do not have time to go on vacations or treat themselves to getaways. After a long day of work, you want to walk into a bedroom that beats the most resorts.

Dressing your bedroom is the best way to boost your home’s value. Instead of just selling a house, you sell a lifestyle that people desperately want. It is never a good idea to have a messy or cluttered bedroom.

You need to promote how airy and spacious the room can be if you want buyers to imagine it as their own. To give you the right touch of elegance and charm, check out how a push out window can help create the most iconic design.


7 Fantastic Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas You’ll Love

5. Style With Neutrals

Nothing can go wrong with neutrals. A neutral color theme can evoke timeless elegance that never goes out of style. Neutralizing your home can increase your property value because it helps buyers imagine decorating a room their own way. On the plus side, light neutral colors will also make your rooms seem bigger.


modern living room with sofa and armchairs 601128524 ac4089306c104be1a0e1fc07846b41cd Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas


6. Upgrade Flooring

Unless you have impeccably polished hardwood floors, you should always replace old flooring. A new floor will provide an excellent cosmetic overhaul to boost property value.

Although nothing beats natural hardwood, you should also check out laminate floors. They are the most durable and cost-effective option, and they are super easy to maintain.


reasons to love parquet flooring Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas

7. Decorate Windows

The best home renovation advice is to focus on cosmetic details. Remember that you are trying to sell a vision to the next person who buys your house. These cosmetic touches do not need to be expensive.

Therefore, blinds for your windows can be decorative without breaking the bank. Window coverings wear off in no time. It is always more cost-effective to replace than restore them. For the best privacy, opt for roller blinds if you want to also keep your home cool on the hottest days.


Window Seat Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas


Get Rich from These Home Renovation Ideas

Now that you know the top home renovation ideas that will increase your property’s value, you should start planning and budgeting if you want to get these done. Remember that every little detail counts. Even if you may not think that renovating floors is important, it can almost double the value of your home.

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