7 Home Window Tinting Errors and How to Avoid Them

Are you thinking of improving your home windows insulation to increase energy conservation? Perhaps you want to reduce glare, improve safety, privacy, UV protection, or increase your property’s value. Regardless of your motive, tinting your residential tinting is the way to go.

However, you must be well aware of home window tinting errors before getting started.

Window tinting is one of the simplest, affordable yet transformative home addition you can make. Whether insulating, decorative, or mirrored window film, there are many benefits of tinting your home windows. However, you must get it right when installing the tint film to enjoy all these benefits.

If you are thinking of tinting your residential windows, you want to make a worthy investment. You need to be clear-headed and understand how to complete the entire project. And for successful window tinting, it’s imperative to know the common errors to avoid, right?

Here are the 7 common home window tinting errors and how to avoid them to get you started.


7 Home Window Tinting Errors and How to Avoid Them


1. Hiring a Window Tinting Company Without Researching

While you’ve done all other preparations right, picking the wrong window tinting service can be catastrophic. The company you choose will either make or break your tinting project. Most homeowners end up picking the very first option of the provider they come across.

You hire the window tinting company will carry out the actual work to deliver the intended results. If you choose the wrong company, you get frustrated after wasting your money and time.

Inexperienced or rogue companies will be experimenting with your property. Furthermore, they don’t have prior knowledge of residential window tinting.

Pick the right company to ensure you enjoy top-quality and professional window tinting services. Avoid choosing any company, and be spot on when making your choice to get value for your money.

2. Choosing a Company Not Specializing in Residential Window Tinting

Out there, rest assured to come across a wide variety of companies offering window tinting services. However, not all of them specialize in residential window tinting. If you pick a car window tinting company for residential tinting, the results won’t be that impressive.

Residential window tinting is extensive and very different compared to car tinting. Each of the two jobs requires distinct skill sets to accomplish. If you hire the wrong company, the project can take longer to finish, and you may have to put up with shoddy work.

To avoid this, be keen on the specialization of the tinting company you are about to hire. Carry out a thorough background check to determine if they meet your residential needs.

3. Failure to Read Reviews and Testimonials Before Hiring

Homeowners work with a disreputable company only to realize later. Such companies can rob you of your hard-earned money without offering great results for the job.

Before hiring a company, read reviews on Yelp and Better Business Bureau. You need to know what other homeowners are saying about them. If they have multiple negative reviews, avoid them and move to the next.

4. Choosing the Cheapest Company

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote, ‘cheap is expensive.’ Well, this will apply even in window tinting. Don’t try to save a few dollars and pick a rogue company only to redo the tinting a few months down the line.

Come up with a reasonable budget for the amount you intend to spend on the project. Call a few companies and ask for their quotes to get a realistic range for your budget. Go for a company that strikes a balance between the price paid and quality of service.

5. Tinting Windows Prior to Cleaning

Before inviting window tinting experts, you need to be well prepared. Ensure your windows are spotlessly clean before the tint application. Application of film on unclean windows can result in marks and spots appearing.

If the film is applied to unclean windows, the appearance is ruined. A new film installation will be required to correct the problem, and this can be costly. Also, the adhesive film won’t attach well to a dirty window, making it hard to achieve the intended look.

Before tinting your windows, make sure they are clean on both sides. Research on the best window cleaning products to clean out any accumulated dirt and grime. If your windows are well cleaned, you’re a step closer to achieving your intended purpose.

6. Using Alcohol to Clean Windows

When cleaning their windows before tint film application, some homeowners use alcohol. There is a residue left when alcohol is used, which makes it difficult for the tint to stick properly.

Also, the alcohol offers a temporary adhesion to the tint, and after some time, it will dry, and the tint will loosen. It will only take a few days before the entire tint film peels away from the windows requiring a new film installation. To avoid wasting your time and money, don’t use alcohol to clean windows before tinting.

7. Inaccurate Quote

Window tinting should be affordable for every homeowner. However, if you get an inaccurate quote, the project can be very expensive and unaffordable. An accurate quote will be calculated based on the surface of your home windows to be tinted.

However, a tinting company may charge different prices for each floor, or depending on the shape of the windows. Also, the type of window tinting, such as solar shade tinting, will impact the overall cost.

When hiring a company, make sure they are straightforward with their charges. Get to see the criteria they use to charge for their services and be satisfied with it. Steer clear of any company that is overcharging or has unclear charges or fees.


Avoid These Home Window Tinting Errors

Tinting home windows can be a significant investment with multiple benefits. However, to enjoy all the perks of residential window tints, avoid common slip-ups.

Here are common home window tinting errors and how to avoid them.

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