7 Incredible Tricks for Rearing a Vegan Baby

Bringing up a vegan baby can be a real challenge for anyone. One crucial factor when taking care of a baby on a vegan diet is making sure the baby is getting adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals from the vegetables. The caregiver of a vegan baby needs to plan for their diet accordingly. As these babies are not getting animal proteins, they should receive an adequate substitute. Otherwise, their growth will be prevented.

There are many cases where vegan babies suffer malnutrition due to a lack of adequate nutrition. But that doesn’t mean that raising a vegan baby is impossible. If you follow some measures, you can bring up a healthy vegan baby.


 Vegan Baby

Here are some tips for rearing up a vegan baby:


1. Be prepared for Mixing

For preparing your signature dishes in a healthy, nutritious way, you will need a quality blending machine at your side. Suppose you are preparing smoothies with green fruits or preparing applesauce, mixing vegetables, preparing soup, or some deserts; you will have to mix the ingredients. And a powerful mixer should be there to complete the blending.

Therefore, you need to search for such blenders that can grind raw materials into a fine smooth paste. There are some mixers with low horsepowers. They are not able to make a fine smooth paste. 

So, to properly mix up things, first select a proper mixer-grinder. 

2. Prepare New Recipes

Variety is essential for feeding your vegan baby. So, you can experiment with various fruits and vegetables, milk and butter, and create your own recipes.

But as babies are allergy-prone and sensitive, you need to avoid allergenic foods at least until they become six months old. Nuts, wheat, and soy are foods that should not be in the diet of babies less than six months. 

3. Learn Through Trial and Error

Babies may always not like foods in the same way. That doesn’t mean that you will stop offering them the particular food. It would help if you change the course and offer it differently. 

The trial and error method is extremely crucial for you to know your baby’s likings and dis-likings. So, keep trying until you realize which baby will like food and in which way.

You can share your recipes with your families and friends and ask for their suggestions. It will help you to select foods and vegetables.

4. Include Healthy Fats into the Baby’s Diet

You should remember that healthy fat is necessary for the baby’s mental development and cognitive abilities. Therefore, vegan babies need to receive good healthy fat.

How will you provide healthy fat to your babies? Don’t prepare recipes only with boiled vegetables. You can stir-fry the vegetables by adding some oils into them and then blend.

Organic coconut oil, organic coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil are the best options to give your baby healthy fats.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Answer Questions

While bringing up a vegan baby, you may need to handle criticism and questions from the so-called well-wishers. Don’t hesitate to reply to them. They may ask you which type of food you are offering to your baby, are they adequate, why are you not giving animal protein, and so on. 

You need to make them realize that your baby is receiving adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Remember, you can also choose to avoid such questions. But then you have to face it repeatedly. So, answer the problems are the best option.

6. Include Ethnic Vegan Flavors

Your babies can like many ethnic flavors. Only ensure that you are not adding lots of spices and prepare rich food. You can search for ethnic flavors suitable for vegan babies. Then you can finalize your tastes from there.

Remember, vegan babies should be provided with various flavors, so they don’t get bored. So, try ethnic recipes with a touch of your own experiment.

7. Use of Bamboo products

To maintain the baby’s health and hygiene, you can avoid plastic serving platters. Instead prefer using bamboo serving platters such as bamboo bowls, bamboo plates, and alike. Bamboo belongs to the grass family and is very eco-friendly. It is a natural product and is very healthy for all. So, you can use these serving platters easily. 

Remember, you can also get numerous health benefits from the use of bamboo products due to their natural nature. 

Raising a vegan baby will not be difficult anymore if you follow the suggestions provided in the blog. All you need to do is to put your best possible efforts. You can also use other tricks as well but prioritize them. 


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