7 Interesting Indoor Activities with Your Loved Ones

Quarantine has caused us to spend a lot of time at home. As we spend more time with our loved ones, most of us have realized the importance of family and how to bond with them. Kissimmee Florida has also gone through a major lockdown since the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic. This lockdown has led us to believe that as long as we are together, it is possible to accomplish everything. Are you in search of interesting indoor activities you can enjoy with your family? You’re in the right place!

For many families, the thought of spending all the time at home with kids can be hard. Think of your hyperactive children locked down at home wanting to play for or head out for some activity. Fortunately, we have a list of some fun-filled activities that you can do at home. Regardless of the lockdown, they are a great bonding agent that allows you to take more interest in what your kids are up to and they can grow much closer to you as well.

Here are some amazing activities that you can do with your family at home:

1. Baking 

Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or something savory – there are a lot of things you can make by heating that oven. Kids are known to indulge and take great interest in the art of baking. In fact, baking can help couples get together and bond as well.

The best thing to bake where you can include your kids is cookies and cupcakes. Help them in mixing the batter or making the dough. Once they are out of the oven, divide the baked goods into equal portions. Do not hesitate with the toppings. Allow them to use their favorite colors, sprinkles, fondant, or whatever they please. You could also bring out different cookie cutters to make it more exciting and choose the best design that they want, like a gingerbread cookie cutter.

As fun as it is for you and your family, the biggest part is taking responsibility for your surroundings. Include your little ones (and spouse) in the entire cleaning process. Tell your kids where you normally put things, give them the non-breakable things to wash, or show them where to put the jars.


Interesting Indoor Activities


2. Calming Jars 

Staying indoors for a long period of time can lead to anxiety and stress. Why not calm your children and your inner child with some calming jars? Beautiful to look at and fun to make, these jars will keep your mind off your work-related stress for a while.

Buy some glitter, glass jars or bottles, soap, and coloring. The simple steps will be quite intriguing for the kids and help them display their liking. Fill 1/3rd of the jars with warm water. Add glitter in the water along with a few drops of color. Put in more glitter and add warm water. Close the jars tight (you might want to help your little ones with this) and shake it hard.

While you are making calming jars, talk to your children about what they have been feeling. Tell them what you feel so they think it’s normal to have different feelings. Ask them about their favorite colors and why they like them.

3. Gardening 

Most of the Kissimmee, FL real estate houses come with gardens. What’s better to head out on a spring day to your backyard and plant some lovely flowers? Gardening is not only just a fun timepass but, it’s a really healthy way to burn some calories.

Buy some gardening equipment, seeds, pots, caps, and gloves to get a fun day in the backyard started. You can start by educating your kids about the different plants and flowers you are about to plant.

Give them their pots and ask them about what they want to plant. Gardening will motivate your little ones and lead them to develop an interest in the fun life of the outdoors. This is quite hard considering kids nowadays are constantly surrounded by gadgets and electronics.

kids potting plants bonnie blog Interesting Indoor Activities


4. Dance 

Ok, this is not a joke. Dancing is a great way to stay healthy and let all that excessive energy get out of your system. Make a nice playlist with your favorite songs and put them on the living room entertainment system. Curious little ones will join you and you all can put exercise till tired.

If there are no kids, having a dance routine will be a great way to bond with your partner. You can dance to the songs that represent you as a couple. Dance around, cook together, and just share a nice meal together.

5. Take Pictures 

When you are with your family, nothing is better than storing your memories. Make a weekly theme, dress up for the occasion and take pictures with your family. Some common themes to take pictures of are:

  • Christmas (in summer)
  • Asia culture
  • Disney
  • Classic British

There are just so many themes for you to decide and choose from. Make snacks, decorate the house, and choose the perfect poses for your family pictures. Once the pictures are developed, you can actually take a day to decorate albums and frames for the house.

knkklkoop0 Interesting Indoor Activities


6. Puzzles 

Exercise these imaginative, analytical, and problem-solving muscles with a strong puzzle. You may either use puzzles available at the mall or help children make their own. Print out pictures that your kids like. Use a pencil to mark puzzle-shaped outlines and cut the pieces. There are specific hard pages for puzzles. Some of them even come with outlines for you. It is a fun activity that will keep your kids busy for hours.

7. Organize Wardrobes and Store 

Organizing is the best part if you want to feel better mentally. Obviously being in a lockdown can lead to emotional stress and that can be made better by organizing. If you live in Kissimmee, the houses provided by Kissimmee FL Real Estate have loads of wardrobes. Get cracking because they aren’t going to organize all by themselves.


Being indoor can be quite stressful for families. However, you can make your experience fun with kids and partner fun at home by introducing certain activities from home. Not only will they help you bond better but moving more around the house will let you stay active and healthy. So, do not hesitate to bring every resident of the house in the same room and start enjoying it.


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