7 Kitchen Chimney Designs: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen?

A kitchen chimney is a must-have part of the layout when you cook a lot at home. However, choosing the proper chimney for the size of the room and how you’ll use the appliance can get confusing.

This guide breaks down the 7 main designs to help you understand each one. Once you know your options, you can make an informed decision to help you choose the best chimney for your home.


1. Wall-Mounted Chimneys

As the name implies, a wall-mounted chimney affixes to the wall. It is located near the stove so the vent reaches, but the hood can come in different shapes. Wall-mounted chimneys give you the benefit of taking up less usable space.


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2. Built-in Chimney

When the room is tight, a built-in chimney comes to the rescue. It’s fixed on the wall like a wall-mounted version. But it goes into the paneling rather than adhering to the surface.


built in modern kitchen chimney Kitchen Chimney Designs


3. Island Chimney

Designed for kitchens with stoves embedded in the island, an island chimney is in the center of the room. A false ceiling is placed overhead, hiding the ducts and necessary electrical wiring components.

The thing to be cautious of if you opt for this chimney style is that there is a lot of planning involved. Before installing the chimney, you must work out your wires, hood, appliances, and other details.


7 Kitchen Chimney Designs: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen?


4. Corner Chimneys

These are chimneys that are situated in the corner of the kitchen. They’re inset above the stove cooking top and tucked out of the way.

It’s a smart choice for those with a smaller kitchen because it uses empty corner space that would otherwise be wasted.


kitchen chimney designs for your home Kitchen Chimney Designs


5. Pyramid Chimneys

Any of these placements can come in multiple designs, such as the pyramid style. This shape works well for wall-mounted chimneys and stoves with two, three, or four burners.

Look for a pyramid chimney with a thermal overload protector (TOP) to keep your appliance from overheating. The pyramid design makes this a good investment for people who use their stoves frequently throughout the day.

7 Kitchen Chimney Designs: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen?

6. Angular Chimneys

The pyramid design works well for traditional kitchens. But if your style is more modern and contemporary, an angled chimney will slide into your current decor much better. The benefit of this design is that angled chimneys have side vents. The smoke is absorbed into the chimney with the motor, then filtered, and returned through the vent. The whole process is done simply and efficiently and in style!


7 Kitchen Chimney Designs: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen?


7. Curved Glass

Angles and pyramids are good for many kitchens. When you’re looking for something unique for your room, a curved glass design may work best.

Most curved glass chimneys come with a baffle filter, making them easy to maintain. Baffle filters typically require the least upkeep of any of the filters, usually requiring cleaning about twice a year. The stylish look of the curved glass makes your kitchen look fresh and sleek.


7 Kitchen Chimney Designs: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen?


With seven different designs that can be mixed and matched for placement and style, you’re sure to find the kitchen chimney that suits your space the best

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