7 Mistakes with Roof Installations and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that the average American spends about $2000 to $2400 when they install a new roof by themselves? The cost goes up to around $4000 to $6400 when they rely on the services of professionals. It’s easy to be tempted to go the DIY route when you compare these prices.

However, mistakes with roof installations are very costly. That’s why it is essential to understand every aspect of replacing old roofs before you embark on this journey. One of the ways to achieve this is by knowing in advance the common mistakes people commit during installations.

Here are the seven potential errors that you can make when installing a new roof.


1. Mixing Roofing Shingles

Mixing shingles to achieve aesthetic goals sounds appealing to the ordinary person. However, you risk mixing different types of roofing material when you do this. Using different roofing materials during the installation will make it harder for shingles, for instance, to fit correctly.

Further, using different materials will at times be counterproductive to enhancing the appearance. The roof will also wear down unevenly.

Get your roofing materials from the same supplier to minimize the chances of mixing these materials. Ensure that you check and confirm that all the pieces are consistent in color, brand, and material. Some people inadvertently mix materials because they get them from separate places.


mistakes with roof installations


2. Ignoring the Attic

The Attic is suitable under the roofing system. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the integrity of the entire roofing system. It’s essential to consider it when replacing or installing a new roof.

The Attic is responsible for protecting the roof against the accumulation of moisture. You may not appreciate this fact because of your limited knowledge of roofing systems. But if you ignore the attic during the installation, then your roof will wear out real quick.

The Attic is a sensitive area that will require the expertise of the local residential roofing service. The professionals will assist you in ventilating the roof properly before you proceed with the installation process.

3. Improper Shingle Overhang Is Indicative of Mistakes With Roof Installations

There are lots of different roofing systems that you may opt for. If you go for the shingles, then you’ll have to pay special attention to the allowance you give them to overhang at the eves. This should be around 6 to 10mm in most cases.

This allowance ensures the shingles remain durable over a more extended period. You compromise not only the longevity of the roof but also your safety if you don’t adhere to the allowance. Too much allowance increases the risk of the wind blowing the shingles away, while insufficient allowance erodes the durability.

Improper shingle overhang ranks among the top mistakes with roof installations. Getting professionals help is the only sure way to stay safe. Otherwise, read this article for other roof types that you can choose as substitutes.

4. Poor Underlayment

The underlayment protects the deck of the roof and ensures the deck remains in good condition. The underlayment does this by providing an extra layer of waterproof protection. The extra protection is critical to the health of your roof, more so during stormy days.

Getting the right type of underlayment is your first-line defense against limiting roof installation mistakes. You then have to be thorough and accurate during the installation of this underlayment.

mistakes with roof installations


5. Using the Nails Incorrectly

Nails act like glue in the roofing system since they ensure all the materials remain at their correct location. However, they won’t play this role if you don’t install them correctly. You have to drive these nails into the strip while maintaining a particular depth.

When you fail to adhere to the depth, then the roofing material will become loose. The materials will be susceptible to falling off in addition to allowing water to penetrate through.

Make sure that you select the right types of nails first if you want to avoid this error. It would help if you drove the nails to a depth of three-quarters of an inch into the deck to guarantee they’ll stick.

6. Failure to Estimate the Materials That You’ll Need

Coming up with a roof installation budget isn’t a walk in the park because there are so many factors at play. For example, the presence of peaks and valleys on roofs makes it hard to estimate the number of panels you’ll need. This can leave you in a situation where there are insufficient materials to complete the installation process.

It’s best to work with a residential roofing service company to approximate the quantities that will be sufficient for you. Most professionals have gained experience over time, so it’s easier for them to know. There are online calculators you can use as alternatives to simplify the process.

7. Using the Wrong Fasteners

Different types of roofing materials require different fasteners during their installation to make them durable. Take the case of using standard screws on metal roofing as an example. The fasteners allow water to penetrate through easily, thus compromising the roof’s longevity.

However, the good news is that most companies will give you recommendations on the fasteners that will work well with your panel. Always follow these recommendations and resist the temptation to cut costs by going for alternative and cheaper fasteners. The quality of a fastener is vital to the roofing’s survival, just like the panels.

You’ll be able to stick to a single fastener if you source all your materials from a single supplier. Dealing with different suppliers will put you in a position where each one recommends a different fastener. This spells doom for your roofing.


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Avoid Costly Mistakes By Engaging a Professional

Installing your roofing by yourself is fun and even satisfying. But it requires that you have specialized knowledge and experience in this field. Any mistakes with roof installations will have you back on the drawing board. This is despite investing time and money in materials that you’ll have to discard.

Save yourself from all the stress by engaging in a residential roofing service for your roof installation. Scroll through this website for more informative content like this.

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