7 Pool Maintenance Tips to Dive Into During the Winter Season

Over 17% of Americans own their hot tub, pool, or spa, which need to be regularly maintained.

Preparing your pool for winter is crucial as it keeps the water clean, prevents health-related issues, and ensures your equipment stays in good condition. Luckily, there are simple steps to follow, helping you extend your pool’s lifespan. Perhaps you’re a newbie and you want to to to know how to prepare your pool for winter.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven pool maintenance tips to follow.


1. Add Chemicals 

Aside from prioritizing pool leak detection, homeowners should add enzyme and chlorine. The former breaks down potential contaminants, which helps keep your water safe. It also prevents a waterline ring from forming, saving you a cleaning job in the spring.

2. Reduce the Water Level  

One of the top pool maintenance tips is to reduce the water level. Unlike summer, there’s no chance of water evaporating, which increases the risk of cracking the pool’s tiles. As a general rule, keep it six inches below the skimmer to avoid future problems.


7 Pool Maintenance Tips to Dive Into During the Winter Season


3. Fit the Pool Cover Correctly 

A mistake many homeowners make is incorrectly fitting the cover over their pool. If it’s not larger or small, then it won’t keep out debris or insects, giving you more work later on. Instead, get a retractable pool cover or retractable roof to keep your pool safe.

4. Remove Pool Accessories 

One of the top pool maintenance ideas is to remove accessories before you close for winter. To prevent damage, store equipment in a dry place and away from sunlight. If not, the chemical could corrode your accessories.

5. Check Your Equipment 

Homeowners who want to care for the swimming pool must check their equipment. This includes the filter gauge, which you should clean by the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should also check your pump, heater, and exposed damage to ensure they’re functioning properly.


7 Pool Maintenance Tips to Dive Into During the Winter Season


6. Clear Unwanted Debris

Looking for advice about pool maintenance? Then, clear out any unwanted debris from the water. Make sure you empty the skimmer baskets, floor cleaner containers, and cleaning bags to prevent further problems.

Further, skim, vacuum, and brush the pool’s walls floors, and walls as it will reduce your maintenance tasks in the spring.

7. Balance the Water Chemistry

If you’re unsure how to maintain a pool in winter, then balance the water chemistry. This is to prevent the water’s pH from being out of balance, which can wreak havoc on your pool equipment. To prevent this, balance weekly and add a mid-winter algaecide to keep the green at bay.

Enjoy Our Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool maintenance is crucial, especially in winter. Because of this, homeowners should add the right chemicals, balance the water’s pH, and clear the surface from unwanted debris. It’s also important to remove any accessories and fit the cover correctly as it makes your life easier in the warmer months. Good luck with preparing your pool!

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