7 Practical Items You Should Have With You When You Travel

For certain people, the experience of traveling starts right from when they start packing their travel bag. Travelling comes with a lot of thrills that could make you may end up leaving essentials items behind. 

Are you planning for a long vacation with your family, getting away for the weekend, or a solo trip? Some items are necessities for your trip. Unfortunately, you can fill your bag to the brim but forget to pack the needed supplies you need, which could affect your trip. To avoid that, below is a list of carefully selected essential items that you should have with you when you travel.


A Luggage Lock

A luggage lock will come in handy, especially if you are traveling to a new place and are skeptical about what to expect security-wise. Sometimes people can get paranoid about keeping their unlocked luggage in a hotel room, but with a luggage lock in place, your belongings are well-secured.

Also, investing in a luggage lock will hold your bag zipper together and make it difficult for baggage handlers to tamper with your stuff at the airport. 


7 Practical Items You Should Have With You When You Travel


Mini First Aid Kit

It is crucial to prepare for the unpredictable, and there is no exemption when you are also traveling. You can fit your mini first-aid kit into your cute backpacks; having your first-aid items kept in a specific compartment that is easily accessible means you don’t have to shuffle the whole bag before you reach it.

Inside your mini first-aid kit, there should be bandages, treated wipes, gauges, which can be used to treat minor injuries, burns, and bite the occasional puncture wounds. Asides from these emergency supplies, your first-aid kit should also contain burn relief gels, anti-itch cream, and antibiotic ointments.

A Reliable Power Bank

Most people find it hard to take their hand off their phone, and if you are one, it means you may need an alternative power for your phone, which is where the power bank comes in. This lifesaver will keep your phone juiced up when you are tanning on the Miami beach, having a photoshoot in Santorini, or just enjoying a road drive with your friends while on vacation. 

There are some little situations where you might need to work while you are traveling. The power bank will keep your phone all pumped up. Hence, it is vital to get a power bank that will never let your phone run out of charge while you are on the move. Endeavor to buy the one with higher MAH so it can last you longer.


7 Practical Items You Should Have With You When You Travel


Portable Passport Holder

You know how important it is to take your passport with you when traveling, and you don’t want to be found rifling through your bag at any point that you need it. Also, you can put your credit cards inside the passport holder. It will save you a lot of time when going through the security and at the airport bar.

Collapsible Water Bottle

It is always good to stay hydrated. With a collapsible water bottle, you can take water with you everywhere you go without it taking too much space in your backpack. Also, they are easy to carry, an empty collapsible water bottle can be folded to fit in your bag easily, and when it is not open, you can still squash it.

When you have a collapsible bottle, you don’t have to worry about a hard bottle hitting your leg, though this depends on how you carry your water bottle.


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A Rain Poncho

Maybe it is not every time of the year that this feels needed. You probably think why a rain poncho when it is summer, but the weather can be pretty unpredictable. That’s why you need a rain poncho you can conveniently sneak into your backpack to keep you dry in case you encounter a surprise shower when you are outdoors.

Luckily, most rain poncho comes with a small pouch to keep it compressed and packable until you need it. The compact carrying case makes it perfect for you when you are traveling.


Chewable Toothpaste Tablets

This is a suitable alternative to conventional toothpaste. You can chew your way to a clean mouth while you are traveling. They don’t take a lot of space in your luggage, allowing you to pack other stuff, and you have to take the number of tablets you need without worrying about repacking them again.

Also worthy of mention: extra cash, cardigan, nose mask, hand sanitizer, camera, books and among others. The most important thing is for you to pack the essential things you need and let them suit the purpose of your journey.

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