7 Reasons to Get Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Your spouse has spilled wine on the rug. Again!

That is yet another stain on the living room centerpiece. Maybe it’s time to get it cleaned. You could do it yourself, but that is time-consuming and there are so many pitfalls that could make things worse.

Avoid all of the problems by hiring a professional rug cleaning service. Keep reading for the lowdown on how a rug cleaning company can help you, and why it’s a bad idea to take matters into your own hands.

These are the top 7 reasons why you should hire a professional rug cleaning service.


1. You Will Be Healthier

It is not obvious, but your rug may be harboring dangerous amounts of bacteria that will make your family ill. This is because the rug’s fibers act as a filter and trap particles of dirt.

Over time, your rug accumulates dust, germs, and allergens. Small children and pets who play on the rug will be exposed to many pathogens.

If you attempt to clean the rug yourself, you will struggle to shift the dirt set deep within the rug. A professional area rug cleaning service will provide a thorough clean to ensure that your rug is germ-free and your family is safe from illness.

2. Your Rug Will Last Longer

Footfall is very abrasive for your rug. This is made much worse by any dirt caught in the fibers because it causes extra friction between your feet and the rug. The fibers become damaged, resulting in wear and discoloration.

Getting your rug cleaned reduces the rate of damage. Professional cleaners also revitalize damaged fibers to bring back freshness that has been lost. This prevents matting and maintains that “brand-new” look for longer.

Remember that if your rugs last longer, then so too do your carpets and hardwood floors. Your rugs act as a protective layer so keep them up to scratch.

3. Increase the Return on Your Investment

If you bought your rug as a financial investment then you need the best rug cleaning service to squeeze every last bit of value from your asset. Keeping your rug in top condition is critical for it to appreciate or even just maintain its value.

You made an investment in your home when you bought it, even if you did not purchase your rug for the explicit purpose of storing value. A professional rug cleaning company will keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

4. A Rug Cleaning Service Saves You Time

If you attempt to clean your rug yourself, you will face many challenges that a professional does not have to deal with. The experts at rug cleaning services have the expertise and tools to perform thorough cleans without damaging the rug’s fibers. You are not as well-practiced so you will take a lot longer to do a lower-quality job.

It is a no-brainer to hire a professional and enjoy some free time. Take the stress off yourself for once. You can rest assured that you are getting an excellent service.

5. No Color Bleeding

Attempting to clean your rug yourself can lead to dyes bleeding into the rest of the rug. Even if this does not occur on the first clean, it becomes much more likely after several cleans.

This is because the chemicals you use to clean the rug are left behind as residue. These chemicals interact with the rug’s dyes and cause bleeding as the residue builds up.

A professional will fully clean and rinse the rug to remove any chemical residue. This protects the dyes in your rug so there will be no bleeding, even after many washes.

6. Professional Rug Cleaning is Affordable

You might think that hiring a professional is expensive, and therefore a home clean would be more cost-effective. Think again!

You can get your rug cleaned without breaking the bank. Do some research into rug cleaning services near you and find a friendly local service that offers great value. Some services, like www.cleanvillecarpetcare.com, even offer bonuses when you get several rugs cleaned at once.

7. Your Rug Will Be Comfier

Your rug will get coarser and will pick up odor in day-to-day life. This is especially true if you have pets. Naturally, this makes it less comfortable to walk over or lie on. There is no need to resort to any odor-masking product.

A professional cleaning job will make your rug soft again. It will also remove strong odors that have accumulated over time, immediately making your home environment much more pleasant. This means you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your rug and your home right away.

How Often Should You Clean Your Rug?

This depends on the rug’s location and how much traffic it receives. A rug in a busy part of the house should be cleaned at least once a year because it will pick up a large amount of dirt. If your rug is only used occasionally or is rarely stepped on, then once every three years is likely to suffice.

If you are unsure, then do not be afraid to contact a professional for their opinion.

It’s Time to Hire a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Service

By now, it is obvious that attempting to clean your rug yourself is a bad idea. You will not get rid of all the dirt embedded in the rug, and you might cause the colors to bleed.

A professional rug cleaning service will solve all of your problems for an affordable price. Why not share this article to help your friends out too?

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