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7 Reasons Why Wooden Fences Are Gaining Traction

Wooden fences are a classic and effective way to get everything that you want in a fence. Not only are they effective at providing security and privacy, but they are also the perfect option for those that care about the environment and want the option to personalize the style.

Fencing is another way to add your own personal flair and personality to your home, so it should not be taken lightly. There are many reasons to consider getting a wooden fence, and it is safe to say that it is well worth it.


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Reasons to Get a Wooden Fence: Cost and Efficiency

There are so many reasons why choosing a wooden fence for your property will be beneficial. Additionally, finding a wood fence that is perfect for you has never been easier.

Wooden fences are affordable, especially when compared to vinyl fencing. Wooden fencing comes out to be roughly one-third less of the cost of vinyl fencing. This includes both the materials and the installation.

Homeowners all over are choosing wooden fencing because of the cost, but it is still important to note that wooden fences sometimes require more maintenance than other types. When properly cared for, though, wooden fencing can last for many years.

In addition to the lower cost, wooden fencing is known for its charm and natural beauty. When created with high-quality wood, highly skilled construction, and an attractive stain, a wooden fence will enhance the beauty of your home and yard with ease. Not only do these fences add privacy and security, but they are also versatile. Homeowners can choose to fully customize their fences and opt for a simple look or a much more extravagant look.


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Wooden fencing is also the greener option when compared to vinyl or chain link fencing. Wooden fencing is the perfect choice for homeowners that are conscious of how they affect the environment. Since wooden fencing can be built from recycled wood rather than brand new materials, it is the more environmentally friendly option.

The wood can even be recycled again, later on, when the fence is in need of major repairs or replacement rather than ending up in a landfill. Most vinyl fencing cannot be recycled, so the fact that wooden fencing can turn into another project later makes it the more eco-friendly option.

High-quality wooden fences are created with material that lasts for many years. These materials are created to resist decay, rot, damage from insects, and weathering effects. It is important to install a fence that can withstand the test of time as well as the various harsh conditions of years of weather.


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There are numerous types of pressure-treated lumber containing nonmetallic preservatives that are designed to resist rot, decay, and damage from termites and other insects for many years. This type of lumber is also often treated with stabilizers that prevent it from shrinking and swelling with different temperatures and weather conditions.

Having a fence that will resist harsh weather like rain, snow, and high winds is important to homeowners, and these materials can do exactly that, ensuring your fence has a long lifespan and stability.

More often than not, wood fencing comes with a warranty. Most companies offer a six-month warranty for their work, ensuring that the homeowner does not have to suffer through any defects in materials and workmanship. There are even companies that offer lifetime labor warranties to replace any defective materials.

Reasons to Get a Wooden Fence: Style and Customization

Building a fence of wood comes with the option to personalize it. Wooden fences can be created exactly as you want, and they can be formed to fit your home’s needs. For example, if you have wooded areas, steep slopes, hills, or crevices in your lawn, wooden fences can be maneuvered to fit any mold.

In addition to being customizable to fit your yard, wooden fencing comes in so many different styling options. If you find that your design and style preferences change often, wooden fences are the perfect choice for you. This is because they can be repainted, restyled, and sanded down as many times as you would like. Wooden fences make for the perfect fence for anyone whose style changes often.


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One of the many designs and styles of wood fencing includes board-on-board fencing. This type of fencing provides privacy for you and your family while still allowing you to see out of your yard. These types of fences can be customized with decorative lattice toppers, cap boards, arches, and dips. They come in a wide variety of heights, too.

Board and batten fencing is another option, and it is perfect for anyone that wants complete privacy with the decorative appeal of board-on-board fencing. These fences are extremely durable and can also be customized with arches, dips, flat-tops, cap boards, or lattice tops.

Another styling option includes picket fencing. This classic will give anyone that homey cottage feel. These fences can be Gothic, colonial Gothic, or dog-eared picket style.

Lastly, there is split rail fencing or estate fencing. This type of fencing works best for large properties because it provides maximum visibility at a great value. Estate fencing provides more privacy than split rail, but both are perfect for large properties. What you want in a fence can be completely customized.


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What to Consider Before Fencing Your Property

Before installing a fence, you must consider a few factors such as the height, style, and type of wooden fencing. In addition, you must consider the land it will be placed on, where gates need to be placed, and if any permits are required prior to installation.

The height of your fence will have an impact on the overall cost as it determines how much lumber will be necessary. The style also plays a role in deciding how much lumber will be needed for the job, so it is important to decide this early-on in the process. Different types of lumber are available for different prices, so knowing what type of lumber appeals the most to you is a great way to get an accurate estimate for your fence.

In addition to details about fencing, contractors will need to check the land and its slopes in order to decide if it needs to be graded prior to building. Depending on the size of the property and the intensity of the slope, grading can add to the overall cost of your fence.

Lastly, there are some cities, counties, states, and homeowners associations that require building permits prior to fence installations. It is important to check up with your local government and neighborhood officials before making the final decision.


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Time to Fence Your Property

There is a lot of detail that goes into properly fencing a property, but it does not have to be a difficult job. Wooden fences have so many benefits when compared to other types of fencing that it is quite clear that it is the best option. With a lower cost, a longer lifespan, and the option to fully customize, it is not shocking that wooden fencing is on the rise.




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