7 Reasons You Should Get Interior Plantation Shutters

Home Improvement is proving to be the trend with no end, according to Harvard University studies predicting another 4.8 % growth for this industry in 2022.

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans who has recently discovered a love of remodeling, chances are you’re starting to run out of ideas.

Here’s how interior plantation shutters are the perfect complement to your newly revamped home.


7 Reasons You Should Get Interior Plantation Shutters


1. Shutters Optimize Light Control

Unlike the all-or-nothing options offered by curtains, plantation shutters allow you to manipulate the amount of light coming into your room.

That means you can make better use of natural light, and limit electricity-guzzling artificial light in the daytime.

2. Plantation Shutters are Versatile

Plantation shutters are stylish, classic window treatments available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials. That means you can use plantation shutters for glass doors and windows.

Living room shutters add pizzazz to this busy space, while bedroom shutters bring privacy, soundproofing, and cool summer temperatures to a bedroom.

3.Home Shutters Are Low Maintenance

It’s easy to clean a plantation shutter by wiping it down with a damp cloth once a week. You can also use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to keep dust at bay.

They’re also made from durable materials that won’t crack or peel, so there’s no need to paint or varnish them.

4. Interior Plantation Shutters Add Value

Since they’re permanent fixtures, unlike blinds or curtains, you can add the value of your plantation shutters to your home’s selling price.

Money matters aside, shutters add immense aesthetic value and charm to your interiors, too. In this way, they help increase your chances of selling your home fast.

5. Shutters Are a Form of Insulation

When you add plantation shutters to glass windows, you help increase your home’s energy efficiency. That’s because shutters help create an additional barrier against hot or cold air.

In this way, they can decrease the amount of time you need to run your home’s heating and cooling system, saving you money, and reducing your carbon footprint.

6. The Durability of Plantation Shutters

Thanks to comprising modern durable materials like vinyl, plantation shutters can last a long time.

They won’t experience any wear and tear from the sun or temperature fluctuations, and they resist humidity. Wood shutters are the most susceptible to these foibles, but you can always select a faux wood design to complement the style of your room.

7.  Plantation Shutters Are Safe

Plantation shutters are more resistant to dust, pet dander, and pollen than drapes are. Since they’re so easy to access and keep clean, a regular wipe-down will get rid of any allergens that do manage to cling to your shutters.

If one of your family members has asthma, plantation shutters are your safest choice.

What’s more, shutters don’t have cords that pose a choking hazard for pets and small children.


7 Reasons You Should Get Interior Plantation Shutters


Upgrade Your Spaces Wisely

Thanks to the many benefits of interior plantation shutters, you’ll enjoy excellent value when you opt for these window treatments.

Not only are these shutters a great choice when it comes to getting bang for your buck, the choice of materials, sizes, and designs mean you can select a brand that suits your budget, too.

Would you like to find out more about embracing better interiors in your home? Keep browsing our blog.

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