7 Signs You Need a Window Glass Repair or Replacement

You can tell yourself it is not making a difference, but a faulty window changes everything. Sometimes it gets away with it for a while, but the consequences will soon catch up with you. After all, windows contribute to 25-30% of home energy use. So they must be in good condition to keep costs down and maintain optimum temperatures! You may need a glass repair or window replacement without even realizing it. Or, you might have the duct tape up, and the curtain is drawn. Either way, window issues are not best out of sight, out of mind!

So, here are seven signs you need a window glass installation or window glass repair service.


1. Water Leaks and Window Jams

Do you have to battle to open and close your window daily? A faulty window could be harboring a mechanical issue, or it may be because you need glass repair. Mold and rust are two factors that can also contribute to this problem.

And, you might slam it a little too hard, and then it will be more of an immediate issue to resolve! So sort it before it worsens!

Leaks are an obvious sign your window is broken. If you are getting water coming through your window, you should contact an expert that will help you to repair your window.

You might be able to ignore light rain, with the odd droplet entering your home. But imagine the mold damage, and what will happen if there is a storm! Do not wait to find out.

Go with a local window repair company that understands the weather in your region. If you are not sure where to begin, search ‘best glass repair company near me.’


7 Signs You Need a Window Glass Repair or Replacement


2. You Frequently Feel a Draft

It can be hard to locate a draft. But if you constantly adjust your home’s temperatures to no avail, your windows could be to blame.

The best glass repair company will come out and advise you. Maybe you will just need one window repaired, or perhaps you need a new glass installation.

You might want to ignore this issue and put another jumper on or adjust the thermostat. But you need glass repair to prevent overworking your HVAC system. And to stay comfortable in your home!

Plus, it is an excellent excuse for a window revamp! And investment for your home.

3. Unusually Expensive Utility Bills

Sometimes your bills will increase before your windows show signs of damage. Broken windows are a common cause of high utility bills but are often overlooked.

Always check your thermostat and windows for breakages. You can also call your energy company for a breakdown of costs. But months of high bills, and no apparent source, usually means there is an issue with your windows.

Older windows are not as energy-efficient, especially if they are over 15 years old. They would benefit from a glass repair service. If you are not sure how old the windows are, call a professional out.


Window Glass Repair or Replacement


4. Condensation and Mold

The odd bit of fog on the window is expected. But if your windows always have it, or there is condensation between window panes, there is an issue. So stop drawing smiley faces and call a repair company!

The window is no longer keeping the cool air out what causes the condensation build-up. The window seals may be broken, or a simple glass repair may need to be done. But it can be better to pay for an energy-efficient glass installation service.

Visible signs of mold indicate your windows are not keeping moisture out. Mold does not only look bad. It has severe consequences for your health and will keep coming back unless you fix your windows.

5. More Bugs in Your House

It is normal to see the odd unwelcome (or maybe welcome) bug in your home. They can fit through tiny gaps, after all. But if you notice a significant increase, your windows may be to blame.

The window type will determine the specific issue, but usually, it is to do with the screens. Bugs will seek holes in window screens and gaps in frames, especially if they smell food inside.

A glass repair service will be able to source the location where bugs are sneaking in.


Window Glass Repair or Replacement


6. Outside Noises Are Louder

Unless there is an event or an unusual sound, if the outside noises are inside your house, fix your windows.

Windows can stop providing sufficient insulation over time. A dog’s bark that echoes through the house or car horns starling you can mean your insulation has given up. But you should not— call a glass repair company!

New windows are not only energy efficient. You will also notice better noise reduction, with some types up to 50%! So new window installation and repair mean a better home environment overall.

7. Visible Damage

Cracks are the conclusive evidence you need to phone for glass repair. Signs of rotting, dirty, or warped windows also warrant inspection.

Do not put off calling a professional. The best glass repair company will always be honest about what you need. For example, you might need a simple glass repair, new seals, or weatherstripping.

Or you may need a new window installation. The investment will be worth it, and you will reduce the need to regularly call a glass repair service.

Now there are different window types to suit your taste. It would be the perfect time to upgrade, especially if the windows were the same when you moved in ten years ago!

Pick the Best Glass Repair Service for Windows

If you notice one of the signs you need a window repair or replacement, take action fast! Damage can worsen over time and impact utility bills and your home environment.

The good news is that there are many glass repair and glass installation services out there. Always read customer and independent reviews to find the best glass repair company. Good luck!

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