7 Things you Should Keep in Mind For Garden Fence Construction

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Among a great number of things to keep in mind while improving your home, the complex details of building and installing a garden fence on your property.

These small details include the types of materials to use, the budget for those materials, the size of the parts, the overall design, as well as the exact time you will need to build this project.

Daunting as it may sound, the trick here is to just be mindful of the right time to install a new garden fence. Doing this will help make the process of this project build easier.

Below, we list down some of the more important details to remember when it comes to installing a new fence on your property.


 Garden Fence


1.   Learn and Make Sure that you Know the Range of Your Property

Always do your homework before you dive into anything. You will need to have a very clear and precise idea of the range of the property you have. Find out where your property line is. Invest some time discussing this upcoming project with your neighbors.

Learn about building codes and regulations in your neighborhood and/or city. Talk to everyone, including your town’s homeowner’s association. This is an essential part mostly because there can be instances that your particular city or town doesn’t allow fence building.

2.   Create Your Budget and then Your Landscaping Plan

Planning for the budget and the landscaping plan is an important step in this whole project. Always ask yourself first, how much do you want to spend on all of this? What would all of the materials you’ll want to use cost?

Other than that, you will need to really consider the landscaping. If you are planning to hire a few hands on this project, you must ask yourself if there are obstacles all around the areas of the property where the fence will be installed on. Bushes, trees, and shrubs might be in the way of the people you’ve hired to help out.

If you’re not really into uprooting these plants, most fence companies are okay with working around this greenery. But if ever, keep in mind that this will add to the labor and material costs. For your security fencing solutions, visit east.fencewright.com.au for more.

3.   Make Sure that you Already Know the Materials You Need

Whether or not you decide to shop or source for parts and materials or even tools during the winter or autumn time, it absolutely has further benefits if you already have an idea or even just a list of things you would need for this build.

If you go on it cold and unprepared, there will be additional problems here. Few of them include the fact that you may end up overspending. Mostly because you end up buying materials that are overpriced or perhaps you bought the wrong ones and now you need to go back and buy the right materials.

4.   Plan Ahead for the Materials You Will be Using

Much like being absolutely prepared with your shopping list for materials sourcing, making sure that you already know what to use on this fence build will make the whole process go smoother.

Fences will the most time come in a variety of styles and materials that are now modernized. The most popular choice of course being wood.

Wood would usually require upkeep and maintenance. Doing this will help ensure the length of time this material is in peak condition. If you are not up to that, there are of course a few alternatives.

One alternative for example includes Vinyl. For most homeowners that aren’t really into working with wood, these materials are a good choice. To keep these things fresh and clean, they can just be hosed down when they need to be cleaned.

Other choices for fence materials to use would mostly include, Metal, Wrought Iron, Bamboo, or a mish-mash of most of these materials.

5.   Try not to Build or Install the Fence During Extreme Conditions

Timing is everything. Right down to fence construction and installation. The most obvious reason for this is the fact that if the weather is currently too extreme, building things wouldn’t really end up well.

Moisture in general will be one of the most pressing factors for having a really bad home build project. Even though light rain for example won’t be much of a problem, heavily continuous or prolonged rainfall will make things harder. Few of those hardships include the fact that digging suitable holes on the ground that has now turned into mud won’t be a stable foundation for your fence.

Frozen moisture isn’t as great either. During the cold seasons, the ground is literally frozen. Although there can be a few advantages for wintertime fence installation, the fact still remains that manually digging on frozen soil is an absolutely difficult task.

6.   Off-Season Can Actually be a Good Time to Do the Fence Build

Like what was mentioned above, wintertime can be a difficult time to build things, however, there is actually a chance for you to tackle this project during this time. During this time, most of the top fencing suppliers will have fewer customers. This then leads to the opportunity for you to be able to shop and source the materials you really want and takes out the competition part.

But, if sourcing for materials for this project at this time isn’t feasible for you at the moment (which is okay) the Autumn season is also quite an ideal time for you to sort of beat the rush. This could provide you somewhat with more agreeable weather conditions compared to the cold wintertime.

7.   Dry Season

Summertime is a popular time in fence building and installation for a reason. The soil on the ground isn’t as unmanageable as it is compared to when it’s all muddy or frozen.

The materials you’ll be using will also be safe from elements like water. Like if you end up using wood for your fence. If it’s always wet or humid, the slabs of wood will be so full of water that they end up thicker and heavy because of how porous wood is.

You’re All Set!

With these simple things to keep in mind, you will be able to build and install your new garden fence in no time. With proper planning and execution, the level of difficulty of this project should be kept down to a minimum. We hope you’ve found this article resourceful. For your security fencing solutions, visit https://east.fencewright.com.au/services/automatic-gates-brisbane/ for more.





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