7 Tips for Decorating with a Bed Canopy

The bed canopy is one furnishing that’s always on-trend. According to MarketWatch, analysis value the canopy bed market at $4.2 billion worldwide. And its popularity is only growing!

Bed canopies can grant a simple bedroom an air of luxury, privacy, and warmth. If you want to decorate with a bed canopy, keep these seven tips in mind!


1. Frames, Fashion, Function

Whether you’re aiming for minimalist luxury, or you’re trying to connect with your inner bohemian, choosing the right frame is a critical part of cultivating your decor with a bed canopy.

When you choose a frame, think about both function and fashion. Weigh canopy frame traits like:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Materials

The shape and size of the canopy’s frame determine whether your bed feels roomy or cozy. A wide canopy can make you feel like your bed is a private room in and of itself. A draped, tent-like canopy generates a warm, cozy “reading-nook” vibe.


7 Tips for Decorating with a Bed Canopy


2. Pragmatic Frame Consderation

Color and frame materials affect whether the canopy fits with your bedroom decorations overall. A metal frame can be minimalist, strong, yet elegant. A bamboo frame can feel natural and eco-friendly.

Critically, the frame should be strong enough to reliably support the weight of the canopy itself. Consider your canopy’s materials before you choose a frame.

3. Bed Canopy Options: Materials

Bed canopies can be made of almost any fabric, from sheer organza to wool. The canopy’s materials impact a variety of experiences you’ll have in the bed, including:

  • Temperature
  • Degree of light-blocking
  • Breathability
  • Cleanliness
  • Aesthetic

Insulating fabrics tend to keep the interior space warmer. Wools and silks tend to insulate more than cotton blends.

Breathable fabrics are more porous. To keep cool in a hot climate, consider a canopy that will let the breeze through. Organza, tulle, and nylon keep things chill, letting the air warmed by your body float right out.

If you tend to have allergies, try organic cotton and microfiber canopies. These will not accumulate dust or mold as often as other materials.

For a clean, alternative “punk rock” look, you can also try vinyl or faux leather canopies. These can be cleaned with a simple wipe-down, and they’re entirely unexpected.




4. Patterns and Prints

The color, pattern, or print of a bed canopy makes a big impact.

Macro prints are very on-trend. These are large, detailed images that take up huge swaths of space. Macro prints stand in contrast to repeated patterns.

Images on a double bed canopy can reflect what you love. A tiger might showcase your ferocious side. A mermaid scene evokes magic and whimsy.

5. Solid Colors, Design Elevation

Solid colors are also great. A solid color canopy can play into an analogous color scheme that flows through the whole room. Or, it can provide a point of contrast, which makes the fed the focal point of the room.

To elevate the experience, consider hand-painted or embroidered designs.


7 Tips for Decorating with a Bed Canopy


6. Go Retro

Revitalize a classic motif with retro double bed canopies. Explore interior designs from your favorite era. Schools like the Kyoto  Fashion Institute publish fashion history guides you can use as a reference and inspiration.

Consider whether you’re going for old-school romance or empowering sophistication. Art deco designs convey something different than Victorian aesthetics.

7. Beads and Embellishments

Beaded bed canopies can add sonic pleasure to your design. The soft, “rainstick” sound when you push open a beaded curtain feels warm and slightly theatrical.

Embellishments likewise add a bit of glitz and glamour to a canopy. This is a great strategy to personalize a piece that may otherwise be ho-hum.


Bed Canopy Strategies and Beyond

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