7 Tips for Repainting Your Walls Like a Pro

Painting the walls in the home may seem like a great idea, especially if the walls are still the color used by the builder or it has been a number of years since they were painted. Homeowners attempting to do this on their own, however, will want to make sure they know what to do to make sure the end result looks professionally done. Homeowners can use the following tips to help paint their walls.


Make Sure the Walls are Ready

Homeowners can use the following tips to help paint their walls or hire equipment. Walls are going to end up with tiny holes from nails, larger holes from moving furniture or other accidents, and other issues. Before painting, always fill the holes and make sure the walls are ready for the paint. Companies like Sonoma Mountain Construction can help with any repairs that might be needed before the walls can be painted.

Purchase High-Quality Products

When buying products to paint the home, always opt for high-quality options. While there are very inexpensive paintbrushes, the difference between a cheap one and one that’s a little bit more expensive can be huge. This goes for any product needed to paint, including the paint itself. Higher-quality options may cost a little more, but the end result will look amazing.


7 Tips for Repainting Your Walls Like a Pro


Do the Prep Work

Don’t skimp on the prep work. Outlet and light switch covers should be removed, any nails or screws used for hanging items should be removed, and sanding should be done where needed. Then, cover any materials or belongings in the room that shouldn’t be painted, including the floors, baseboards, and more. While the prep does take time, it’ll help keep paint from getting everywhere.

Use Paint Primer

Even if the existing wall color is light, it’s generally recommended to use paint primer on the walls. In addition to covering darker colors, this can also help to cover up any inconsistencies in the existing paint, make sure the new paint will stick to the walls easily, and help make sure everything looks right once the paint is applied.

Get the Right Amount of Paint

Getting the right amount of paint is crucial. It’s always a good idea to get plenty from the start instead of having to go back and get more later. If more paint is purchased later, it may not match the paint already used exactly. If extra paint is purchased, it can be used later for touch-ups or for other projects around the home.

Paint Top to Bottom

Start by cutting in along the ceiling and then paint down to the bottom of the walls. Then, cut in around the baseboards. Doing all of this helps make sure the paint looks uniform and clean and helps to make sure the paint is applied smoothly.

Wait Between Coats

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for how long to wait between coats. It is important to follow the directions carefully to avoid smearing or otherwise damaging the existing coat of paint and to make sure the paint is ready for the next coat.

If you’re planning on painting your home, take the time to make sure it’s done right. Professionals can help with repairs before the painting begins as well as handling the painting if you’d like to make sure the results look great without doing all of the work yourself.


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