7 Tips to Keep Your Designer Villa Clean and Organized

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023

A villa situated in a beautiful location with wonderful landscaping and impeccable floor plan seems like the stuff dreams are made of right? However, when it comes to big and spacious luxurious homes, there is one thing, most people overlook – and that’s upkeeping! It can be very daunting and expensive to keep your designer villa clean and organized. But don’t fret! With a little know knowledge under your belt, you will be able to achieve this lesser effort. 


7 Tips to Keep Your Designer Villa Clean and Organized

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As expensive as it sounds, you can actually keep your villa well-organized and squeaky clean if you make small changes to your routine and décor. Not all of us are able to afford a full-fledged house staff for cleaning and maintaining our homes. So, we’ve put together 7 simple yet brilliant tips to keep your designer villa clean, organized, and also stylish without breaking the bank. 

     1. Give everything a place!

Over time, we don’t really realize the amount of clutter and unnecessary things that keep on piling in our homes, making it an eyesore. Most big homes have bigger attics, basements, or sheds for extra or old stuff, but smaller spaces can be more difficult to manage. Furthermore, failing to keep things in your home organized sends everything awry and you are left with messy clutter to deal with all the time.

So, to start with investing in smart storage systems, designate a specific space for every item and make sure it returns to that place after being used. This simple habit might take a while to be embedded in our routine, but it is really the simplest way to keep your designer villa clean and organized.

     2. Cleaning the kitchen after every use

The kitchen is the most difficult room in the house to clean since is it used very often and has so many clutters. Make it a rule if possible that whoever uses the kitchen must tidy up after themselves. This is something that should be discussed positively with other family members and whoever you live with.

Every home stays clean and organized when everyone is corporative and committed to ensuring a clean space. So, it is important to wipe the counters after making a meal, put the knives in the sink for washing, put the dishes in the sink, and keep the ingredient containers back to their original position after use. Kitchens are one of the most crucial parts of every home and must stay clean for hygiene purposes as well, and not only for the looks of it because dirt attracts germs, pests, and rodents.

     3. Keep the office work and studies in the study!

The digital age has made laptops, tabs, gadgets, and computers an inseparable part of our lives. Every home has plenty of work or education-related gadgets that are generally kept on the bedside tables, halls or sofa, etc. In a home with kids, the situation is even worse. From a young age, you should teach your kids to use study or any other specific place for doing homework or using laptops.

You can start by doing so yourself. Any kind of official work and studying should be done in one particular space designated for work. This way, all the gadgets, charger cords, accessories, etc stay in one place and you can avoid clutter effectively. 

       4. Always make your bed

Many of us are guilty of skipping bed-making in the morning. However, this is one of the bad habits that can make your villa look hideous. Once you have made use of your bed, keep it tidy! Fold the sheets, put them away, and straighten your bed covers. This is also one of the simple yet effective tips to keep your designer villa beautiful and well-organized. 

       5. Laundry – do it with discipline!

Managing a designer villa can be a daunting process. Keeping it in good shape is almost as hard as keeping your body in perfect shape. Dirty laundry, mindlessly hung clothes, and even washed clothes that are poorly arranged in the closets and wardrobes where it is difficult to find anything – these are some of the nightmares related to the storage. Make a routine in which every family member has a laundry task. Ensure continuity with this routine and your villa will be organized and clean. 

        6. Don’t go overboard with the décor!

While the latest issue of your favorite magazine showcased a home with brilliant décor, you must keep your requirements and limitations in mind. Most of the featured homes come with the provision of a 24-hour cleaning staff that can tackle almost every type of situation. So, consult an interior design expert and get the essentials and decor pieces that are durable and easy to clean, and easy to maintain for years to come.

         7. Supplies and Pantry

Cleaning supplies can be stored under the sink and washbasins in every room, including the bathroom. Everything related to eating goes straight into the pantry. These two rules can surely take a lot of clutter away and are the golden tips to keep your designer villa beautiful and clean. 

This brings us to the end of our discussion. We hope these tips prove helpful for all our readers and motivate them to keep their homes organized and beautiful at all times. 

Thanks for reading!

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