7 Tips To Keep Your Driveway In The Best Condition Possible

The driveway is the first thing people (and your visitors) will notice after setting foot on your property. While an important part of the property, most people tend to focus more on the house, and probably the front garden, leaving the driveway unattended. Neglecting it only makes your home seem old and unkept, a reason you should take some time to show it some love and care. Interestingly, all the driveway may need is proper cleaning and ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing. A well-kept driveway makes a home more inviting than a neglected one.


Keep Your Driveway Safe

Cleaning the driveway and getting rid of any foreign materials can go a long way in wading off strangers and intruders. For starters, a driveway with all manner of litter and items, especially packaging from items you recently bought, can attract intruders and thieves.

The best you can do is clear all these up to prevent the chances of burglars targeting your residence.  It is also worth mentioning that a clean driveway can be a focal point of your home, giving you a reason to look forward to coming back home. Outlined below are 7 ways to clean and keep your driveway in the best condition possible.

1. Add A Security Gate

A gate creates a physical barrier restricting who can access your driveway and essentially the compound. Unless you don’t mind people wandering and walking on/through your property, erecting a fence and gate is a great way to mark where they can and cannot access.

There are plenty of options to choose from, from the most basic wooden gates, non-imposing, to metal railings, to name but a few. Half-height gates for the driveway would be an excellent pick if you still want a full view of the driveway.

Timber gates are a good option too especially if looking to add some privacy by obstructing a direct view of the property. You can also take it a notch higher to install automated metal-framed wooden gates for convenience and added security. Automated gates, especially with security cameras installed, makes it easier to control who can or cannot access your property without ever leaving your house or car.


7 Tips To Keep Your Driveway In The Best Condition Possible


2. Install And Access Control System

Installing an access control system at the front gate, complete with an intercom and keypad provides an excellent way to determine who can/not access your property. Some of the best systems on the market come complete with a swipe-card authorization feature, meaning you can grant or revoke access to your home at any time.

This option is especially logical if you opted for the motorized and automatic gates. Adding this feature will account for a fraction of the gate’s cost.

3. Erect A Parcel Box

With the gate limiting access to the property, you still want to get your mail and parcels on time.  Installing a parcel box allowing for the mailman to drop your precious mail/parcels in, would be a wise idea. Most people will thus have the parcel box installed on one of the gate pillars to allow mail to be dropped inside the property.

This will also help keep your mail secure considering outsiders cannot access it. In addition to this, you can be sure to get everything intact even after being away for some time.

4. Consider Adding Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a must especially if concerned about your security at night. Homes with strategically placed outdoor lights, and well-light driveways, are less likely to be broken in compared to those that don’t. You can also have the security outdoor lights programmed to only turn ON at night, with most of them motion activated.

This will not only help save lots of energy but also alert you when/if someone wanders into your property at night. The best thing with motion-activated lights is that they will only shine when someone approaches, and turn off when out of range. Automated lighting is thus a guaranteed deterrence for burglars.

5. Work On the Driveway’s Aesthetics

As mentioned before, the driveway can impact your home’s overall look. Looking to spruce it up with just a few renovations and upgrades can however help improve its overall appeal. That said, take time to inspect the driveway to see what can be done to improve its functionality, aesthetics, and performance.  Proper planning is thus crucial when looking to upgrade the driveway’s aesthetics.


7 Tips To Keep Your Driveway In The Best Condition Possible


6. Add a Fence

A gate would seem odd without a perimeter fence to compliment it. A perimeter fence hence creates a border between your neighbor and the access road/public, giving you much-needed privacy. It also plays a crucial role in keeping intruders out. As long as intruders cannot access the property without going through the gate, your home will be considerably safer.

A good quality and kept fence also helps improve the property’s aesthetic appeal and value.  For this reason, consider erecting good quality fence capable of lasting several years without giving in to the various external and weather elements.  Be sure to pick a fence design/option that compliments your home design and driveway.

7. Ensure The Driveway Is Well Maintained

The driveway is one of the few parts of the property that’ll get lots of foot traffic. It thus will easily get footprints, oil stains, dirt, and other debris.  Leaving it that way or untidy will only put a stain on its overall look and purpose in the first place. Consider doing the right thing by washing, sweeping, and giving it an occasional scrub to keep the surface clean. Some surface varnish would come in handy too.


Untitled design 5 5 Keep Your Driveway In The Best Condition


All the measures and tips outlined below aren’t only made to make neighbors and passersby envy your home, but to create a home you can be proud of. It is only when you are happy with how the driveway looks, that you will take the necessary measures to keep it clean and well-kept at all times. If unable to get time to sweep or wash the driveway, a professional cleaner might be able to help.


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