7 Tips to Update Your Home’s Electrical System

If you’re planning a small home renovation or just going through one considering how to maximize its impact, we have some good news for you. With a small investment on your side, you can make a few upgrades to your electrical system and create amazing results when it comes to practicality, safety, and comfort in your home. Here are a few electrical wiring upgrades you should consider in your home, from those that require professional assistance to those you can do yourself.


Install GFCI

The first upgrade is concerned with the safety of your family and your possessions. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters of GFCIs are setups that instantly turn off the electricity in case there’s any moisture on the outlet.

This is the safest way to prevent electrical shocks and electrical fires at home. And the best thing is that these devices are very easy to install for an experienced electrician and they don’t cost much.

Make sure to have GFCI outlets all-around your home, especially in your kitchen, bathroom, deck, and patio. If you have a new house, you already have these installed, but older homes do not so consult with your electrician.


7 Tips to Update Your Home's Electrical System



Install smart gadgets

The technology we can introduce to our homes today came literally from sci-fi. If you want to live in the future, ask your electrician to install a few smart gadgets in your home. Things like smart thermostats, smart home alarm systems, smart surveillance, smart light bulbs, smart locks, and motion detectors—can all improve the safety, comfort, and usability of your home.

Most of these can be managed remotely so you can keep an eye on your house no matter where you are, making sure your family and your possessions are safe. These can also save a lot of electricity in the long run and turn your household in to a much greener space.

Add outlets

Modern homes can never have too many outlets. To improve the usability in every room, it’s smart to add a few outlets around the house. This way, you won’t ever have to argue about outlets or use too many extension cords which can be both dangerous and unsightly.

Make sure your new outlets are equipped with safety functions as well as smart features. Reinforcing your switchboard might also be a good idea that will support all additional appliances and gadgets plugged into your grid.

This is a task that requires professional help so find a reliable electrician to provide you with this service and others (from switchboard upgrade to testing and tagging as well as emergency services). Spots where people usually require more outlets than available are the kitchen, living room and kids’ bedrooms, so tell your electrician to focus on these areas when adding more outlets.


7 Tips to Update Your Home's Electrical System


Set up a charging station

It’s the 21st century, meaning we all have various devices that need daily charging. A great improvement for your house is the addition of a charging station suitable for wired and wireless charging.

This will free up outlets for other use and reduce clutter in your home. No more jumbled cables and a bunch of electronics scattered all over the house or clumped together in one ugly corner!


7 Tips to Update Your Home's Electrical System


Adjust lighting

To improve the use of your electrical system and boost your home’s lighting, you can find a good electrician to install more lighting fixtures. With layered lighting, you can light up your space perfect for any occasion. Watching a movie? Use lamps and ambient lighting with dimmers. Doing your taxes? You need task lighting with highly focused and bright bulbs.

While your electrician is up there installing lighting, you can also consider a ceiling fan. This upgrade is amazing for regulating temperature in a completely natural way and providing lighting. Lighting can also be considered outdoors, especially if you have a pool. It’s possible to light up even your shipping-container pool and end up with a wonderful feature in your backyard.

Consider solar panels

Today, installing solar panels can be the best improvement to your electrical grid. With solar panels installed on your roof, you can harvest some of the free solar energy and use it to power your devices and light up your home.

This is the investment that not only saves you money (it can pay for itself in a few years) but also boosts your home’s value in case you’re considering selling. It’s the greenest way to use electricity and have a very elegant and modern-looking house.


7 Tips to Update Your Home's Electrical System


Hide cables

Cables can easily ruin the entire aesthetics of your space, so make sure to upgrade your cables by organizing them neatly and hiding them properly. Zip ties are a great DIY solution that allows you to lift up your cable and guide them behind furniture and art.

Also, there are cable protectors that wrap around your cables and keep them protected and organized (very important if you have curious pets).

Wrapping up

With these electrical upgrades, your home will become safer, more comfortable and even more attractive.


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