7 Ways a Rug Can Beautify the Look of Your Living Room

A rug can immediately elevate the elegance of your living room irrespective of your other decor. Available in many sizes, patterns, materials, colours, and textures, rugs are the favourite choices of people who love interior decorating. If you’re one of those people and looking to style a rug in your living room, we’ve brought you 7 great ways to do it. Depending on the size of your room and purpose, you can buy a suitable rug that fits in your living room.


  • Give an oceanic look with light blue rugs

If you live in coastal areas or want to have a beach look in your living room, then light or dreamy blue rugs are the best choices.

Custom rugs with patterns like stripes or checks combined in blue, grey, sand, and beige colours make your living room look spectacular. It can instantly give a relaxed feeling when you come home after a long day’s work. You can also choose floral patterns to get that warm feeling during rainy days and make you feel cosy at your home.


7 Ways a Rug Can Beautify the Look of Your Living Room


  • Pink area rugs for a boho look

Colour is one of the many things to consider when buying a rug for your living room. Some prefer subtle shades while some are more into vibrant colours. But if you want a perfect balance between the both, then opt for a boho look with pink area rugs.

Vibrant colours mixed with traditional or striped patterns bring a streamlined and stylish look to your living room. As rugs are placed on the floor, their vibrancy can easily match the neutral shade on the walls. It’s also easy on the eye and you can become instantly calm after entering your living room.

  • A modern rug to complement traditional furniture

In the present times, people are often looking to fuse the traditional ways with modern concepts. You can apply the same theory while buying a rug for your living room. 

Suppose you have wooden furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, stools, etc. You can bring together your furniture and give closure to your living room by placing a modern area rug under your furniture. It’s not only stylish but also perfect to combine modern and traditional elements in your living room.


7 Ways a Rug Can Beautify the Look of Your Living Room


  • A tropical rug for large living rooms

If you have a large living room with plain furniture but want to add fun and colour to the entire room, then a tropical rug is the best option. 

A tropical rug comes in bold colours and large patterns that set the right tone for your floor and living room. To add more elegance, you can choose contrast colours in accessories like throw pillows, ottomans, upholsteries, etc. 

For example, if you choose a red coloured tropical rug with a wavy pattern, go for contrast colours like yellow or blue while choosing your living room accessories.

  • A gold-accented rug for the royal look

Grey coloured rug with tinges of blushed golden colour is one of the trendiest looks in the modern era. It’s the perfect rug to place near the fireplace as the golden fire matches the colour on your rug. It brings a royal glow and is the most soothing and warm way to spend your evenings while sipping hot coffee. Golden colour rugs also go well with plain or neutral walls. 


IDEAL HOME SEPT 19 living room 920x920 2 Rug Can Beautify the Look of Your Living Room


  • A traditional rug to sync with modern theme décor

It’s an old way to decorate your rooms with a single colour and theme. Nowadays, people are more into combining traditional and modern themes. So, if you have a traditional rug that’s lying unused, you can take it out and lay it on your living room floor. It can bring a perfect blend and give a twist to the modern styling. Or if you’re buying a new rug, look for traditional patterns on modern shades. For instance, twisted or splashy patterns in grey or white colours would look smashing in your living room.

  • The black and white combo never goes old

A black rug with white patterns or vice versa looks contemporary in the living rooms with white walls and floors. It’s an evergreen combination and almost everyone likes the combo. A rug with black and white colours is sure to bring a statement look to your living room.

However, if you want a little colour to bring liveliness to your room, you can place vibrant accessories that complement your rug style and pattern.


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Keep Your Pets in Mind

Till now, we’ve discussed how a rug would style your room. However, you need to be extra cautious while purchasing the rug if you have a pet. You need to choose a pet-friendly rug because your little pets shed a lot of hair and also roam with muddy legs. So, your rug must be easy to clean and must blend the common stains caused by your pets.



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