7 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Parents Comfortable in Palm Springs’ Summer

Summers can be brutally hot in Palm Springs, especially for seniors who may be more vulnerable to heat-related health problems. It gets unbearably hot that some seniors may even consider leaving town to escape the heat. If you’re worried about your elderly parents suffering in the heat this summer, here are seven ways to help them stay comfortable:



Get an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a must-have for any home in Palm Springs during summer. Central air conditioning is ideal, but a window unit can do the trick. Have the AC properly installed and maintained to avoid any safety hazards.

Regularly check for issues that might require a heat pump repair in Palm Springs. Because the elderly might not realize when the AC has issues, have someone check on it regularly to ensure it’s working well.

Replace the filter, clean the coils, ducts, and vents, and check that the thermostat is working properly. You can do these easy tasks yourself, but if you live far or can’t often visit, hire a professional AC company to perform the tasks.

Check for Air Leaks

Air leaks let in hot air from outside, making the home uncomfortably warm. Inspect the windows and doors for gaps and seal them with caulk or weatherstripping. Add door sweeps to the bottom of doors to keep out drafts.

Check for cracks in the walls and ceilings and seal them as well. Hot air can sneak in through these areas and make the home warmer. You’ll end up with an uncomfortable home and high energy bills.

Install Fans

In addition to an AC, install fans as they circulate cool air and make the home more comfortable. Place them in key areas like the living room and bedrooms where your parents spend most of their time. Ensure the blades are at least seven feet off the ground and out of reach to avoid accidents. They should rotate counterclockwise to push the cool air down.

Use Light-Colored Curtains

To keep the home cooler, use light-colored curtains on the windows. They reflect sunlight and keep the rooms cooler. Invest in blackout curtains to block the light and heat completely if possible.

This is especially useful for bedrooms where your parents might want to nap during the day. Also, close the curtains when the sun is strongest to keep the rooms cooler. When you’re not around, remind them to do this as they may forget.

Reduce Heat-Generating Activities

During summer, have your parents reduce heat-generating activities as much as possible. Cooking, laundry, and even a hot shower can make the home warmer. If possible, have them do these tasks during cooler hours like early morning or evening.

Use the stove and oven less often and opt for no-cook meals like salads and sandwiches. If they must use the stove, have the vent on to release the heat outside.

Drink Lots of Fluids

Encourage your parents to drink lots of fluids, especially water, to stay hydrated. Juices and soups are also good options. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks as they worsen dehydration.

Have them carry a water bottle and refill it regularly throughout the day. To avoid losing a lot of fluids, limit activities that make your parents sweat when it’s too hot. If they have to walk to the grocery store, do that in the morning or evening when it’s cooler.

Dress in Loose, Light Clothing

To stay cool, your parents should dress in loose, light-colored clothing. Natural fabrics like cotton are ideal as they’re breathable. Avoid dark colors as they absorb heat. If possible, have them choose clothes that cover most of their skin but are still light and airy. A wide-brimmed hat is also a good idea to protect the face, neck, and shoulders from the sun.

Everyone Will Be Happy

Following these tips can keep your elderly parents safe during the summer. They’ll stay cool and avoid heat-related illnesses. They will also be happier, more energetic, and able to enjoy their home. On the other hand, you will have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and comfortable.


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