7 Ways You Can Make Better Coffee

Do you need a cup of coffee every morning to start your day? You can make it better with simple and small changes you make in your preparation. Plus, if you are worried about how to make it to fit your new diet. You can use these coffee creamers when on the keto diet to enjoy your coffee still with no guilt. It is vital to enjoy your coffee, especially if you prefer making yours at home. Below are tips on how to make better coffee that you can try today, especially for beginners.


1. Buy specialty coffee 

One secret to bitter-free coffee and a big difference to your coffee drinking habit is buying specialty coffee. It is superior in taste and quality. Therefore, opt for this type of coffee and check online for the best coffee roasters and get yourself a bag that they have roasted for you and they will post it to your front door. Consult also with other coffee enthusiasts to know where to find the best within your locality.

2. Clean your coffee maker thoroughly

Most people only rinse their french press coffee maker. Yet, it is best to clean your brewing apparatus with your dishwashing soap. Once you finish brewing, take the time to disassemble the sections of the brewer and wash it thoroughly with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly after you clean. In this way, you prevent the buildup of coffee oils which causes a bitter and stale taste in your coffee.


Picture 1 Ways You Can Make Better Coffee


3. Do not reheat milk 

Whether you reheat the milk on the stove or with steam, reheating the milk results in more bitterness, less sweetness, and a grainy texture. The same applies to milk that you have already added to your coffee. Avoid reheating your coffee in the microwave. Also, the next time you visit any coffee chain, ask the barista to serve fresh milk with your coffee instead of them reheating it when already coffee. It may seem like you are disturbing them, but it will taste much better.

4. Don’t dose with a spoon 

Coffee, just like baking, is about consistency and repeatability. When you use a spoon to measure your coffee, repeating with accuracy is impossible. For this reason, use a dedicated scoop that you can level off and keep in with your coffee for more accurate and consistent dosing. In doing this, you enjoy better coffee than when you dose with a spoon.

5. Rinse paper filters 

Paper has a papery taste. Thus your coffee paper filters will have a similar taste as well. And you do not want to spoil your cup of coffee with this taste. For this reason, use some of your coffee water to rinse the paper. In doing this, you preheat your mug and brewer too. Those who are skeptical about this, try it and taste the water after you rinse. Automatically you become a convert.


Ways You Can Make Better Coffee


6. Storage 

How do you store your coffee beans? If you are a beginner and you are not sure how to go about storage. Store coffee beans in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. Most specialty roasters will have it in a resealable bag with a one-way valve if you buy from them. Such storage allows co2 to escape and stops oxygen from getting in and spoiling the coffee beans. As you use coffee beans that are well stored, you are sure to have better coffee.


Ways You Can Make Better Coffee


7. Use full-fat milk 

Whenever possible, use full-fat milk. Full-fat milk has the ideal fat content for mixing with coffee. And it helps to reduce the bitterness of your coffee. Unless you are sure of the milk type you are using, avoid using alternatives you are not sure of. Plus, such creams will only cause you not to taste the flavor of the coffee.


Ways You Can Make Better Coffee


To sum up, the above ways are some that you can try to make your coffee better. Also, use filtered water if you want it to make an enormous difference. Freshly boiled water is also better for each time you brew a cup. Try this and more you will learn from friends to make a better cup of coffee that you will enjoy.


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