8 Amazing Curb Appeal Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Home

The National Association of Realtors tells us a little bit of TLC on the exterior of your home can increase its value from seven to fourteen percent. That’s quite a jump when you consider curb appeal ideas can be implemented on a tight budget.

The tips below range from packets of seeds to patio furniture. Indeed, there’s something here for everyone, no matter how much cash you’ve stashed.

Get ready to add some sparkle and some shine to one of the most important elements of your house – the first thing we see every time we pull into the driveway.


1. Add a Stroke of Color

Let’s begin with curb appeal front doors. Consider painting your front door and your shutters. You can liken curb appeal painting to a fresh face of makeup.

Painting over a stale, old color will transform the entire look of your home. Go for something bold and cheerful like robin’s egg blue or salmon pink. These shades will tie in wonderfully with our second tip.

2. Work Your Green Thumb

Everyone has a green thumb hidden somewhere. Learning to garden takes a lot of trial and error. Few people start out as plant wizards.

If you’ve just painted your front door with a delightful coat of salmon pink, why not hang some flower boxes that pop with raspberry, pink, and yellow? Or, plant some stunningly colorful trees, such as redbud trees. They are the earliest spring bloomers and very low maintenance, making them a show-stopping addition to your yard.

It’ll create a perfectly coordinated “outfit” for the front of your home with just a few new flower boxes. Before you know it, you’ll be curb appeal landscaping with regularity.

3. Style Your Porch

Is your porch looking a little bland? Is it an area of the home that gets breezed by as people dash in and out the door?

Change that! Why let a viable living area go to waste? If you already have furniture, give it a good scrub down (to eliminate all the pollen, dirt, and dust that’s sure to have accumulated).

Then, add in a few throw pillows and an outdoor area rug. Consider a small firepit or water fountain. There are plenty of tabletop options out there these days.

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding outdoor curtains. They shout elegance from the rooftops and you’ll enjoy the added privacy, too.

4. Purchase New Hardware

This one is so easy, yet so often overlooked. What if you went down to the local hardware store and picked up new numbers for your house? It could be a game-changer, and all for less than twenty bucks!

You can also look at your door handles. This includes your front door and garage door. While you’re there, consider adding a door knocker into the mix.

This may even be the time to replace the garage door completely while you apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door. We love to peruse sites like OkDiscountGarageDoor.com for design options. A nice set of carriage doors is at the top of our current dream list!


8 Amazing Curb Appeal Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Home


5. Set Down Some Solar Lights

Imagine a neat little pathway trimmed with solar lights that pop on come evening light. It would be a gorgeous way to point everyone toward that glorious new seating area you created on your front porch.

There’s no need to call in the local electrician for this job, either. You can even buy small packs of lights from Amazon for a steal. Then, you pop them in the ground every few feet and let them work their magic alongside an evening chorus of crickets.

6. Buy a New Mailbox

We’re going back to the basics again with this one. While you’re out shopping for new house numbers, keep an eye out for creative mailboxes, too.

Installing one on your front porch or out on the lawn at the end of your solar lit pathway creates another opportunity for an awesome statement piece.

Shop around for something that speaks to your personality and interests. The mailbox is something most of us visit at least five times a week, right? Why not can create mailbox curb appeal, especially when you can do it in less than an afternoon?

7. Dress Up the Doorway (Even More)

We’re taking you back to the front door again. It’s definitely the focal point of any home. We’d like to encourage you to create your own wreath and put down a new doormat.

It’s a multi-functional moment. People will arrive at your door, ring the bell, swipe their feet, and stare straight at your new wreath. It’s such a small detail, but we can guarantee you plenty of people will compliment you for each of these new additions.

8. Update the Light Fixtures

Is there any chance you have a basic glass globe with one or two lightbulbs lighting up your front porch? Replace that, stat!

Adding a mini chandelier and some matching sconces will make you want to clock out at five pm and rush home to sit on your front porch.

But, more than that, the simple act of pulling up each evening and feeling a soft, gentle glow greet you while you make your way to your inner sanctum will completely change things (whether you realize it or not).

The Best Curb Appeal Ideas for You

And there you have it! These curb appeal ideas will take your home facades from flailing to fresh in less than a weekend. It won’t break the bank, either, if you consider a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.

As you continue to improve your favorite place in the world, we invite you to keep coming back for more! Together, we can make our humble abodes contemporary masterpieces with undeniable splashes of class.

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