8 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Need To Know

The average person spends more than 400 days in the bathroom throughout their lifetime. On average, this translates into 20-30 minutes per day. Make your bathroom a place you enjoy being.

If your bathroom is starting to get a bit run-down, you should think about remodeling it. Use these bathroom remodeling tips to ensure that your new bathroom is a marvelous creation worthy of spending your time in.

These eight-bathroom remodel tips will help you get started in your construction process. Before you tackle your bathroom renovation, check out this article. Read on to find out how to best complete your project.


1. Choose Your Type of Bathroom

How many sinks will your bathroom have? Would you prefer a double-vanity sink area separate from your toilet area?

Will you have a shower or bathtub? What about a half-bath that lacks these fixtures?

You need to choose your type of bathroom before drafting any plans or setting a budget. It’s cheaper to go with the existing bathroom style when remodeling.


8 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Need To Know


2. Decide How Far You Want To Go

How in-depth do you want to go with your Olympia Bathroom Remodel? You can take a bathroom remodeling idea as far as you want to go. That could mean down to the studs in your walls or a simple surface makeover.

3. Know How Much You Can Spend

Extensive bathroom makeovers can be very expensive. If you plan on expanding your bathroom by knocking down or gutting walls, expect to spend thousands of dollars. They can be more costly if you revamp plumbing.

Set your top-end budget right away. By doing so, you won’t run out of money halfway through your remodel.


small bathroom venity 2020 679x425 1 Bathroom Remodeling


4. Make Written Floor Plans

You should hire a professional builder to draft some layout plans for your new bathroom. Include plumbing and electrical schematics in your blueprints as well.

5. Choose Color Schemes

Choose what color schemes you want for your new bathroom before starting your project. Think about your toilet, shower, bath, and tile colors. You also need to consider the color of shower curtains and other bathroom accessories.

Find out more about what color options you have for these items. Make your colors match so everything is aesthetically pleasing.


8 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Need To Know


6. Think About Ventilation and Windows

Will your new bathroom have windows? If so, how big and what kind? You also need to consider what type of ventilation system you want to install. Bathrooms with showers/baths will need fans for ventilation.

7. Use Professionals

Unless you are a professional builder, plumber, and handyman, you will need outside help for advanced remodels. Run your renovation ideas by some professionals to see if they can undertake your project.

8. Make a Timeline

A bathroom remodel can disrupt your home routines. Construction is not only noisy, but you can’t use your bathroom until they are finished.

You’ll have to make alternate accommodation, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. When hiring professionals, make a timeline for your remodel and stick to it.


8 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Need To Know


Use These Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Your bathroom is a private area where you should feel comfortable. Don’t let a dated bathroom disrupt your hygiene routines. Make your bathroom stylish and appealing.

Use the bathroom remodeling tips in this guide to ease your renovation processes. For other great content full of information, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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