8 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Different types of windows can be found in every room of the house. They can also be found in other buildings like offices and shops. Windows are required for proper ventilation in an establishment. They can also help in removing stale odors

With that said, windows should always be clean and sparkly. Over time, windows gather dirt and dust. This makes the windows dirty and displeasing. Dirty windows speak poorly of your building. In addition, dusty windows are not safe for your health, as breathing in dust has its consequences. You could fall sick, especially if you already have an existing medical condition like asthma.


8 Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning windows might sound easy, but it can be really stressful. There are a lot of ways to clean your windows. But, if you don’t do it right, you will have a shabby or damaged window. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows.

1. Cleaning Large Portions

Most times, people begin cleaning with large portions. Beginning with large portions can be confusing and ineffective. You may forget the parts you have cleaned. Instead, take smaller parts and clean them bit by bit. This way, you will most likely not miss any spot.

2. Cleaning on a Sunny Day

Another window cleaning mistake is choosing a sunny day. Cleaning while the sun is out is a bad idea. Why? Because the sun will dry out the window even before you are done. This only means that you have to repeat the cleaning process over and over again. Also, marks and patches of the cleaning solution will dry on the window. 

Understandably, some places are mostly sunny. South Carolina, for instance, can be very sunny. Facts show that Charleston, SC has up to 290 days of sunshine. That is almost the entire year! Window cleaning in Charleston can be best done in the evening. However, you can begin with windows that have shades.


8 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


3. Not Hiring Professionals

Some people make the mistake of trying to clean complex window stains by themselves. Getting professional commercial window cleaning services is best for any window. Their services are mostly required for tedious cleaning.  

You need professional cleaners to remove stains from constructions and high windows. Why hurt yourself trying to clean high windows when you can get professionals with the right tools?

Wherever you are, there is the right cleaning service for you. If you are in Charleston, SC, or Mount Pleasant there are good professionals who can help you with your specific needs. The point is that you shouldn’t stress yourself on a job that you can outsource. Also, professional cleaning companies can assist you with gutter cleaning and roof pressure washing to emphasize your clean windows. 

4. Starting From the Bottom

Avoid cleaning your windows from the bottom to the top. The ultimate reason is gravity. If you begin from the top, your solution will constantly drip down. This will be a slow and frustrating way to clean your windows. You will need to re-wipe already clean areas. Instead, start from the top and clean all the way down.


8 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


5. Only Cleaning One Side of the Window

Oftentimes, people mistake cleaning only one side of the window. They either clean the outside of the glass and forget the inside or vice versa. While some forget, others don’t see cleaning both sides as important. Either way, cleaning each side is the correct way of cleaning glass.

Leaving one side uncleaned defeats the purpose of cleaning. The glass must be shiny from both ends to remove dirt and streak. 

Also, don’t forget to clean the roof and gutters. Roof gutter cleaning and roof pressure washing will make the windows pop. If you don’t have the tools, get a pressure washing company. They also offer general house pressure washing services.

6. Cleaning Without Dusting 

Another common mistake is not dusting windows before cleaning. Avoid using cleaning solutions on dusty surfaces. A dusty window will make cleaning difficult. What you should do is wipe the dust with a clean and soft rag. 

When removing dust, don’t just pay attention to the glass. The frames need to be cleaned as well. You can use brushes with soft bristles for the corners. Remove dangling cobwebs and molds from window frames as well.

Wiping off dust will make other stubborn dirt more visible. After you have removed the dirt, you can spray the cleaner. This will make the window easier to clean, and it will give you better results.


8 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


7. Using Harsh Chemicals

Window cleaning chemicals have one job, and that is to keep the windows clean. Avoid cleaners that are harsh as they will dent your window. Harsh cleaners will leave streaks and bubbles, and they can even be harmful to your health and body. You don’t want your windows to be worse than when you left them. You also don’t want to get sick or injured due to this.

Research the best and safest cleaning solution for your glass type. As different glasses need unique cleaners, using the right products will give long-lasting results.

8. Ignoring Safety Measures

When cleaning windows, safety has to be paramount. Use rubber gloves to prevent skin irritation caused by chemicals. You should also avoid cracked or broken windows. Instead, change the glass as soon as possible. 

For high windows, use a strong stool or ladder, and make sure you test the strength before you climb. You also have to make sure you work with a partner when cleaning high windows. That will be necessary in case of emergencies.

For buildings with more than two storeys, consider getting expert window cleaning services. They will help out with your residential window cleaning, as they have the right machines and man power. 


8 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


Cleaning of windows is necessary for your building. Windows are part of the designs that determine the outlook of your building. It also reduces dust which can be bad for your health.

To recap, you should avoid harsh chemicals and materials. Instead, choose the best cleaners and mind the substances you use. Substandard materials will leave streaks and scratches on your window, and can even harm your body. 

Make sure to replace cracked windows and get a buddy for high buildings. Choose to get professional services, especially when necessary, to avoid any type of regret and to get the best results. Lastly, don’t forget to follow safety measures when cleaning!

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