8 Easy Steps to Go Out Safely After Quarantine: COVID-19 Health Tips

Last year hasn’t been an easy year for any of us. Perhaps worse than getting the infection itself is the fear of being exposed to someone who has COVID-19. This has led to most of the world quarantining in their homes. But how do we go out safely after quarantine? What started out as an attempt to flatten the curve has now gone on for months without an end in sight. As social beings, humans aren’t built for extended periods of isolation. As an alternative, we have begun to rely more and more on the internet, as the expanding Spectrum service area map would indicate. But sometimes, you just get fed up with being cooped up indoors. For times like those, this blog explores several ways you can go out without posing a risk to others or to yourself.

Go Out Safely After Quarantine


Wearables to Prevent Touching Face

Touching your face with your hands is one of the most dangerous things you can do when you’re outside your home. When you touch your mouth or nose, you risk passing germs into your bronchial passage. It is extremely important to not touch your face, but at the same time, it is something we are not used to.

A good way to avoid this is wearable smart jewelry, such as the Slighty bracelet. It comes with sensors that you can program to vibrate whenever there is an unwanted action, such as lifting your hands above the chin.

Air Sanitizers for Safer Breathing Quality

The air you breathe is essential to sustain life. But it can also carry dangerous COVID-19 germs, especially in enclosed spaces like stores or offices. You may even have developed a phobia about breathing in the same air as other people. However, you can try to put these fears to rest with a light-based air sanitizer device. These devices work well with most masks commonly used in public and can be carried discreetly.

Use an Antimicrobial Tool to Avoid Contact

Antimicrobial tools are all the rage since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Shaped like a key, they attach to the standard keychain and have a number of uses. They can open certain types of doors. They can be used to push open windows and doors. They can even be used to punch in digits on a keypad. All without coming into contact with harmful viruses or germs.

Don’t Touch Grimy Common Surfaces

If you see a grimy surface that is commonly used, such as door handles or locks, try not to touch it with your bare hands. These surfaces typically see a lot of touching from dozens, if not hundreds of people every day. The risk of one of those people being infected is too great for you to rest easy. Stay vigilant and make a point of not touching them.

Use Contactless Payment Mediums

Swiping your debit card or credit card at points of sales when buying groceries or essentials is very dangerous. You will ultimately come in contact with the POS device, the cashier, or even the counter. A much better alternative is to use contactless payment methods, such as scanning QR codes to make purchases. This puts you at far lesser risk.

Bring Your Own Bags When Shopping

Most ecologically responsible people are already in the habit of bringing their own shopping bags to the store. It’s time to take this one step further and invest in bags treated with anti-bacterial material. Do your research on what are the best types available near you. These bags are more likely to repel microbes when you’re buying and transporting groceries and essential goods.

Maintain Social Distance at All Times

This might seem like a low-tech approach, but maintaining a 6-foot distance from others in all directions is perhaps the best way to avoid COVID-19 infection. It is important for you to both give space, as well as ask for it when others aren’t being as mindful.

Remember, a firm request is much likelier to save you from contracting the disease than remaining silent or neglectful of how close other people are to you. Big crowds in small venues are to be avoided at all costs. Wherever possible, try to hold social gatherings outdoors and with sufficient distance between everyone.

Remain Calm

These are difficult times for all of us. That makes it even more important for each of us to remain calm and keep our wits about us. Being vigilant is important, but so is holding on to the hope that this dark period in our history will pass one day.

Being cooped up at home with only Spectrum deals to relieve the boredom has made many of us cranky and impatient. Until we find a workable vaccine, it is important to protect ourselves. But you must do so without being unkind or aggressive to other people. This can often lead to altercations, which can be counter-productive to all your efforts.


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