8 Essential Things to Do When You Move into a New House

After securing a new house, one may think everything about their new home is done and dusted once you have unpacked your items. However, it is far from over until you fully move into that house. Moving into a new house is not just the process of packing and transporting your belongings. You need to do many things to familiarize yourself with your new home and transition without friction. This article gives you some essential things to do when you move into a new house. Let’s get started.


Create an Unpacking Plan

As easy as it might appear, an unpacking plan is essential when moving into your new house. You don’t want the unpacking sequence to be chaotic or find anything missing because it was not labeled correctly. Having an unpacking plan in place ensures speedy and smooth unpacking. The genesis of a good unpacking sequence is the proper labeling of items.

One of the most hassle-free ways to execute the unpacking process is to work with professional moving companies that offer House removals Hendon. When you are looking to move, you can strike a deal that employs them for packing and unpacking, in addition to the actual moving process. This ensures that your furniture stays safe, does not suffer from breakage, and you do not have to pull a muscle moving a bed from one room to another. While you might think that unpacking will not be a major challenge, the truth is that it can become a major headache for you and your family.

Label your boxes clearly, then outline the unpacking priority list. If this sounds overwhelming, you can hire professional movers to assist you with packing and labeling your items. When you arrive at your new house, know that certain things need to occupy spaces before offloading others. Inspect your new home and unpack your items depending on the priority list. This way, you save time, energy, and the pain of mixing up things.


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Locate the Essential Functions

When you get into your new house, it is no brainer that you ought to be aware of the location of the critical functions. These include circuit breakers, sockets, water valves, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fuse boxes. Don’t be tempted to assume that you only need them after fully moving in.

Remember, disaster can strike without warning, and the first line of defense could be these key functions. If you know nothing about their location, things would probably move from bad to worse. Again, knowing the location of these essential components decides your house arrangement. For example, you don’t want to block your sockets with furniture.

Inspect your House

Inspecting your house while empty should be the first of the series of essential things to pull out when moving into a new house. The empty room gives you a skeleton of your home, and it is here that you commence all the plans of fitting your belongings. Take with you a tape measure and accurately plan how your items will fit into the available space.

Mark the areas you want to place different things before unpacking them. Again, walking through your new house allows you to identify flaws and whether pre-agreed home repairs and maintenance were carried out. If the things you agreed on have not ticked the boxes, alert the appropriate party.

Besides an in-person physical inspection, you can schedule a virtual walkthrough with your realtor. This is common to those moving out of state and finding in-person inspection a trickier option.


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Do Thorough Cleaning

When you move into a new house, you want everything to be in line with your taste and preferences. One such thing is cleanliness. Perhaps another person occupied the house before you came, and you don’t want to jump into the ship without cleaning it. Clean the windows, floorboard, wall, and pretty much everything that needs to be wiped. Besides dust, an empty house can be a haven for several pests.

Deep cleaning is not complete without bed bug pest control when moving into a new home. There could be bedbugs in the new home, and you don’t want to risk entering a new home with pests. Remember, there is no better time to do deep cleaning than when the house is empty. Also, clean those areas that get dirty after pulling your boxes into the house.


0 Upset and tired woman cleaning carpet at home Move into a New House


Be cautious about the safety of children and pets

A new house may not be short of things that can turn the safety of your children and pets inside out. Therefore, take an extra step to pinpoint hazards in your new environment. Identify sharp edges and objects or open windows and doors that would likely cause harm to your children or pet.

Again, check for those boxes that carry objects like glasses that can cause injury if not handled with care. You can ubiquitously label them and keep an eye so that the kids and pets don’t get hurt.

Set your Utilities and Connectivity

There is nothing as disturbing as spending your first night without electricity, water, gas, or internet. That is why it is important to make sure you set up your utilities before fully moving into your new house. Ensure electricity, gas, heat, water, and internet points are working.

If you want to continue with some of your old services or subscriptions, perhaps you can contact the respective company and talk about your relocation. While other companies can allow that transition, others will probably advise you to get a new service in your area. Make sure every utility and connectivity is working as you move into your new house.


8 Essential Things to Do When You Move into a New House


Meet your Neighbors

Knowing your neighbors makes things easier in your new environment. Your neighbors probably understand your new environment better, and they can give you invaluable information. You don’t have to know every neighbor, but a friendly conversation with one or two neighbors will seamlessly help you integrate into the new community.

Check and Set up Security Systems

A new environment is not flawless, and security is one of those factors you cannot afford to ignore. Check the security systems in place and determine whether they are up to scratch or need an upgrade. If the security systems are not satisfactory or available, consider finding the best home security systems. Several things can help you understand the level of safety in your new environment to determine the right security systems for you.


Technician installing CCTV Camera Move into a New House


Wrapping up

Moving into a new home can be a bit tricky. However, it becomes easier if you label your things well, clean your house before and fumigate the house before unpacking items to get rid of pests like bed bugs. This way, you seamlessly transition into your new house and get an amazing experience.

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