8 Heavenly Bedroom Decoration Ideas For Your Private Sanctuary

Margot Kidder, a top Canadian American actress, once said, “If you’re going to fall apart, do it in your bedroom.” A simple quote but one that summarizes the essence of our bedroom! It is a heaven on Earth for most of us. It is where we love and cry, dance, and swallow uninterrupted and seamlessly. Your bedroom is, after all, the place where you can let your hair down and be yourself without anyone judging you! Looking for the best heavenly bedroom decoration ideas for your private sanctuary?

Here are eight out-of-this-world ways to enhance the décor of your bedroom – these are simple tried-and-tested methods and can never fail to make your place heavenly and blissful!


Heavenly Bedroom Decoration Ideas


1. A Shag rug

A must-have for a luxuriant thriving feel to your private corner in your home! A popular Canadian actress had this once to say –”my bedroom is the only place in the house with a beautiful shag rug, which is my favorite.” The rug gets its name from its appearance. These rugs were considered trendy during the 70s and 80s and seeing a revival now. One significant aspect of the carpet is the soft material that soothes your senses thoroughly.

2. Contemporary and chic door handles

Be it for the door of the room or the cupboard in your wardrobe today. You can choose from an assortment of door handles to improve the security aspect. The handle adds a contemporary look to your private space if you choose the online medium, hundreds of varied shapes and sizes, material, and make to pick from.

While the ceramic doors bring in a vintage look, glass doors are timeless masterpieces and a stone bridge that handles the millennial way to go. Extend the look to the bathroom, too, by refurbishing the doorknobs of both the places together. Some other options include – brass handles, bone bridge handles, handcrafted brass, and bronze doorknobs, and more.

3. Renovate the room with rustic colors

One great way to breathe in sophisticated charm to your bedroom is to go in for a significant renovation using wooden tiles and paneled ceilings. The bed’s headboards can be paneled too to sync the overall minimalistic rugged look to the place. To make it even more basic and earthy, you can hang around local and native artwork from your region. You can add memoirs purchased from the coastal area to make it more bucolic and elemental.

4. Lamps

The fantastic thing is that lights can make the place even more relaxed and restful. One common aspect of the bedroom is the bedside lamp. There are evergreen choices here, and you need to find the perfect seller online to get home some amazing pieces. The other way to ergonomically use the available space in the bedroom is to go in for wall-mounted lights. You can choose from some gorgeous table-lamp-type wall mounts that create a two-in-one effect. It also helps keep the sides of your bed clear and unobstructed.

5. Add a vanity to the place

Your private room must also have a vanity area; if nothing else – that is, if space is a significant constraint – bring in a luxuriously built dressing table. Choose an elegant piece, but make sure that its essence matches well with the room’s overall décor. One smart way is to go in for subtle colors that blend with the drapes and the room’s curtains.  Once your mind is made up, you can choose from custom-built dressing tables to buying ready-to-use options.

6. Keep the bedroom clutter-free with minimalist furniture

We often choose to go overboard in the name of sophistication. However, minimalistic items can make the bedroom look so aesthetic and appealing. Irrespective of whether you have a huge bedroom or a small one, do choose items like low-to-ground beds and simple wooden chairs for an enchanted look.  Complete the look with a wooden ceiling and an upholstered wall and headboards.

7. Naturally made bedsheets

One aspect that makes your bedroom truly comfortable is the linen. But, don’t just go in for the looks and appearance. It is best to stick to 100% cotton. Then there are the Extra-Long Staple or ELS cotton bedsheets that are known for extra softness. Polyester blends make things inexpensive but high on durability.  Be sure to focus on the thread count. A thread count between 300 and 500 is a high-grade material, best known for softness. At all costs, ensure that the linen is loose to bring in extra layers of softness.

8. A place to hang your favorite artwork or a family photograph

Whichever option you choose from this, keep it large. Large-scale means covering the entire wall. For that bohemian look, you can select a family photo with a beautiful backdrop, like the sea waves or the top of the mountain. Make sure that the photograph or the artwork is thoroughly impressive and impactful.

These are our selected options for a heavenly bedroom. What’s yours? Let us know in the comment section below.


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