8 Incredible Tips for Installing a CPVC Pipe Like a Pro

Many people have concerns regarding CPVC pipe installation. They are in need of new water lines and are wondering if a CPVC pipe is a viable option. Many people wonder if CPVC plumbing is as simple to install as it appears. It doesn’t require any special tools and is really simple to put together. What could be easier than gluing it together?

It’s not quite that straightforward, as with most things in life. The reality is that CPVC pipe is a perfectly fine product that can be an ideal choice for water pipes, but there are a few things you need to know to get it done correctly. Firstly, you must be able to accurately size the pipes in your system and efficiently construct the pipe arrangement. There are a few things you should know about installing CPVC plumbing in particular.

Here are a few pointers to assist you in CPVC fittings and developing a good system.


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1. Make Sure It’s Secure

CPVC should be strapped every 4′ horizontally and at least once vertically between the floor and ceiling. Use plastic support hooks, preferably those that lift the pipe slightly off the wood. Like all plastic pipes, CPVC expands and contracts, and if it is secured too firmly against the framing, it can generate a lot of popping and squeaking noises over time.

2. Remove any loose tub valves

While you’re at it, check out Mr Rooter’s other items for converting CPVC to copper. I suggest using their premade ells in conjunction with sweat tub/shower valves. For the tub spout pipe and shower head riser, use copper, and for the inlet connections, utilize Mr Rooter ells. This helps you to secure the tub/shower valves securely so they don’t wiggle and wobble while in use.

3. Use Brass or Copper Adapters

If you must use threaded connectors, spend a couple of dollars more and acquire the ones with brass or copper threads rather than the all-plastic ones. Mr Rooter produces some excellent ones. Most DIY stores don’t have these, so you’ll have to go to a plumbing supply store to buy them.


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4. Use only a small amount of CPVC cement

In the CPVC fitting, use a small amount of glue. When you push the pipe into the fitting with too much adhesive in it, the glue will be pushed into the joint. If enough glue is pushed into the pipe, it can dissolve it and cause a failure. I’ve also seen it generate a glue bubble in the joint that dries up and stops the pipe. It’s a lot of fun to figure out why some parts of the system aren’t getting water.

5. Secure the Hose Faucets

Similarly, the Mr Rooter ells look fantastic when worn with a sweat hose bibb. Hoses are frequently tugged around, and this method effectively secures the hose faucet to prevent it from being wrenched out of the siding or brick.

6. Plastic valves should be avoided

One more suggestion. Shutoff valves manufactured completely of CPVC are available. Use them sparingly, especially the gate valves. They have a tendency to leak. I’d only consider the Ball Valve type, and I’ve had issues with these in the past. Use genuine brass valves with the appropriate adapters. They’re excellent products that do the job.

7. Keep a safe distance from heat sources

Keep CPVC pipes away from heat sources like can lights and flue vents. Stay at least 12″ away from these types of things as a general rule.

8. Make sure that all of your products are compatible

Last but not least, ensure that any pipe dope or other chemicals that come into contact with any portion of the piping system have been approved and are designated as CPVC safe. Some substances can cause damage to plastic pipes, resulting in failures months or even years later. That isn’t to say that CPVC isn’t a nice material; just be careful what you use it with.

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