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8 Interior Design Style to Fall in Love With

There are many different interior design styles and choose which one suits your space best comes down to preferences mostly. However, if you are in Colorado and you are looking for guidance, you should consider consulting one of the top interior design firms Denver to ensure you get the most out of your interior design for your space.

These professionals will be able to explain all of the following interior design styles to you in a way that makes sense for your space. They will also be able to provide insight into other interior design styles so you can cultivate the space of your dreams. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of interior design styles.


Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional interior design is one of the most popular interior design styles in the world today. If traditional interior design is a little too rigid and contemporary is a little too progressive, the transitional interior design can establish a balance between the two.

It typically mixes the elegance coming from traditional interior design and some of the contemporary feels for lines and textiles. Additionally, transitional interior designs minimize accessories. It lets the furniture and textiles stand out and it utilizes area rugs, throw pillows, and blankets.


8 Interior Design Style to Fall in Love With
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Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional interior design is a classy approach to interior design that has established itself as the classical design style. It mixes masculine elements with feminine and utilizes curved furniture such as carved wood, rattan, steel, and lacquer. The combination of the two different design elements creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and intriguing – perfect for entryways and other focal areas of your home.


BEDROOM Interior Design Style


Modern Design Style

There is a difference between modern and contemporary that often gets lost. There are some similarities but they are two different design styles. Modern has some specific elements such as the mix of Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and postmodern elements at play in a truly modern design.

The furniture typically has clean lines with smooth, sleek surfaces. In particular, metal chrome, and glass are favorite choices for modern designs. However, modern decor is rather minimal and it favors bolder design elements rather than various knick-knacks. You should also see bolder accents in art and furniture within a mostly neutral space.


Coastal Living Room with Beige Sofas via Pure Salt Interiors Interior Design Style

Eclectic Interior Design Style

People might have some misunderstandings regarding eclectic designs. A few key features comprise eclectic interior design. You can conceptualize eclectic design as a high-energy collection of carefully selected pieces brought together in a culturally rich interior.  Many think eclectic designs are a free-for-all.

However, if you’re going to implement the eclectic design style in your home, you need to walk the line between a layered design and one that loses track of a theme. You should also balance between having distinctive design elements and getting busy with your design. The eclectic design style should stick to a neutral color scheme and blend old and new.


8 Interior Design Style to Fall in Love With
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Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contrary to modern interior design, contemporary interior design refers to any design style in vogue in the present time period. Contemporary designs are not governed by specific design styles and the term describes a shifting design trend.

Design styles have changed throughout history. At one point, modern interior design would have been considered contemporary. However, since it is no longer the most popular or newest style, it is no longer contemporary. Contemporary design styles borrow from various periods, creating an environment that can last long periods due to its adaptability.


8 Interior Design Style to Fall in Love With


Minimalist Interior Design

In many ways, minimalism is a contemporary interior design style due to its popularity. Uncomplicated design elements are popular right now, and minimalism is the king of uncomplicated. The minimalist style is rooted in Japanese design and it concentrates on less being more.


Explaining What the Chique Style of Living is


Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

This classic interior design refuses to lose its relevance. Starting in the 1950s and 60s in post-war America, this design began as an attempt to break traditional barriers and enter the modern era. You can keep watch for versions of iconic furniture such as the Eames lounger, the egg chair, or a wishbone chair, and you’ll know you’ve entered the mid-century modern interior design realm.

Mid-century modern homes have seamless flows and they encourage indoor-outdoor balance. Sliding doors and picture windows are common and they are typically left bare to accomplish the open plan and flowing design. For the floors, mid-century modern interior designs incorporate rich and luxurious woods such as teak, rosewood, and walnut. For accents, mustard yellow, chartreuse, and avocado are typically used to add a pop of color.


8 Interior Design Style to Fall in Love With


Modern Farmhouse Design

The modern farmhouse design style is an interesting one that blends traditional rural design elements into a more modern arrangement. These farmhouse designs are more organized and have the characteristics of a traditional farmhouse design. Shiplap isn’t going anywhere and barn doors aren’t either. Modern updates such as wood plank floors, open concept living, and sleek lighting are a few common identifiers of modern farmhouse decorating.

Farmhouse interiors are known for mixing metals. From gold to black to nickel, these interiors produce contrast and contrast is on your side when it comes to farmhouse interiors. It’s essential to have raw wood elements and greenery in every room for the farmhouse interior design. Because of this, color palettes in modern farmhouse interiors are typically on the neutral side. When you want to add an extra pop of color, it’s important that you use natural colors.


Modern Coastal Farmhouse Decor Master Bedroom Interior Design Style


Conclusion- What Are the Different Types of Interior Design?

There are many types of interior design styles and which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. Before choosing your interior design, you should consider the design elements you want in your rooms and whether the furnishings fit your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Whether modern, contemporary, or minimalist, you don’t have to adhere strictly to one design style and you should feel free to mix and match as you see fit.

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