8 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors Before Hiring Them

If you’re currently talking to contractors for your roofing needs, make sure to ask these questions before shaking their hands and signing a contract.


1. Is the company legit and licensed?

To avoid trouble, always hire roofing companies that are licensed. And not just a license, you should always look for the appropriate ones. One is a license for the state where their business is operating and the other is the license for the state where the house that needs roofing services is located.

Also, make sure that their license is updated. This way, you would know that the contractors that you’re talking to are still legally operational so that you wouldn’t have any trouble.

Remember, the license means legitimacy.

2. How long have they been in the game?

Aside from the legitimacy of the company, another thing that you should look for is the experience. The more experience the contractors have, the better quality service you’ll get.

Doing such a complex service as roofing for a long time only means that the company knows what they do and is good at it. After all, they won’t last long if they suck at the job, right?

Here’s a tip: as much as possible, look for roofing experts that have more than 5 years in the bag. Because as the stats show, almost 90% of roofing businesses close down within the first five years. If the company was able to get past five, it only means that they’re really good.


8 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors Before Hiring Them


3. Are they willing to give references from previous jobs?

Another good sign that the roofing company offers outstanding services is when they are willing to give you contacts or references of previous homeowners that they’ve worked with.

This only means that they are proud of their work and that they’re confident that their previous clients will back up their sweet marketing talks.

Once you have the contacts, make sure to respectfully ask the homeowners what they think about the job that was done and their overall customer experience.

If the company is not willing to give you a list of references, drop the conversation and jump on to the next contractors on your list.

4. Do they have insurance?

Make sure that the roofing experts that will work on your roof are insured by the company. Because if not, you might be the one to shoulder the expenses in case something bad happens (knock on wood) during the project. Which is, of course, the last thing you want to happen.


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5. Does the company offer inspections and provide written quotes?

It would be great if the contractor you’re talking to goes to your house first to assess it and then provide quotations. Because, honestly, no matter how great a roofer is, they can only provide the most accurate estimates after they’ve assessed the condition of your roof.

If a contractor avoids this conversation, look for other roofing specialists or reliable roofing companies like APEX Roofing.

6. Do they offer a warranty on both the material and labor?

Almost all roofing companies offer a warranty on the materials that will be used for the installation or repairs of your roof. Which is basically the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

However, not all contractors give a warranty on their labor or the quality of their work. So make sure to look for roofers that provide a warranty on the workmanship.

This way, if their job is faulty, you don’t have to pay for another roofer to fix whatever needs fixing. You can simply call them and claim your warranty.


8 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors Before Hiring Them


7. Does your roof need to be replaced entirely?

This is an important question because this is where your expenditure is based on. You should always ask the contractors whether the entire roof of your house needs to be replaced, or you can just get them fixed and then hire roof painting experts in Sydney to make it look brand-new.

8. What if the job takes longer than what was in the contract?

Most contracts are structured in a way that you pay the roofing company by the hour or day that their workers are on your house, getting the job done. And in most cases, they set a date when they’ll start the work and when it should end.

However, not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes, the work is hindered due to unforeseen events.

That’s why you should ask your contractors what will happen in case unexpected things happen that delay the work. Whatever you’ve agreed upon, make sure that these are stated in the contract.


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