8 Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

A properly functioning air conditioner is needed to ensure a comfortable environment in the unbearable heat of Texas. Repairing a broken-down air conditioner saves a decent amount of money. However, before breaking down, an air conditioner shows a few signs that indicate the need for an air conditioner repair.

For AC repair, McKinney, TX is home to several companies. But before scheduling an appointment and getting the system repaired, it is important to understand the signs. Here, we will talk about the signs that imply your air conditioner needs professional work. So, without delay, take a look at these air conditioner repair signs in detail!


8 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Repaired

An air conditioner gives out enough signs before it stops working completely. Check out these signs to know when to contact your AC repair company.


1.    Burst of Warm Air or No Cold Air

One of the top signs of trouble in an air conditioner is warm air coming out of the system. If you notice that the AC is not cooling the environment, then check the thermostat.

Ensure that the thermostat is in cooling mode to cool the room. If the air conditioner still blows warm air out of the system, the compressor might be broken, or the refrigerant is leaking.

2.    Odd or Strange Noises From The Air Conditioner

The majority of the latest air conditioners operate with very low noise. But if odd or strange noises start coming from the air conditioner system, it indicates an internal issue. If there is a loose or detached part in the AC, it will make a buzzing noise. This issue can be solved easily by professionally tuning the system.

On the other hand, the whirring noise indicates a serious issue. And this problem does not go away easily. HVAC technicians will access the system and inspect it to find out and fix the cause behind the whirring noise.

3.    Unpleasant Smell

A common sign that your air conditioner requires repair is an unpleasant smell or bad odor coming out of the system. This makes the room smell and causes an uncomfortable environment.

In addition to that, it indicates a major issue with the air conditioner. Contact your air conditioner repair technician to check the system. The HVAC technician will find the cause and solve it, depending on the situation.

4.    Refrigerant Leak

In an air conditioner, there are several refrigerants that work to ensure a smooth performance. These refrigerants also produce condensation while the AC is on. The process of generating this condensation often causes air conditioners to accumulate liquid. And this liquid results in leaks from the air conditioning unit.

The refrigerant leak from the air conditioner shows that the HVAC system is failing to work properly. This leakage can cause significant damage to the walls and furniture in your home, resulting in costly repairs. Contact an expert HVAC technician as soon as there is a leak.

5.    Uneven Cooling

An advantage of relying on air conditioners is that the system cools the entire room evenly. However, if you see that some parts of the room are cold or hot, when the AC is running, then the HVAC cooling is uneven. This is a clear sign that the system is failing to perform efficiently and requires proper servicing.

However, there is another potential cause behind the uneven cooling. Problems with the insulation of the house can also cause the issue to arise.

6.    High Utility Costs

When the air conditioner fails to do its job perfectly, it results in consuming a higher amount of energy. And this high consumption of energy causes the bill to jump significantly. So, if the energy bill is significantly higher compared to the previous months, then get your air conditioner checked.

7.    Frequent Cycling

Nowadays, air conditioners are equipped with the latest technology. Every air conditioner has a cooling cycle that leads it to turn off when the system reaches the thermostat temperature. While this is a smart technology, frequent cycling of the system is not a good sign. It indicates that the air conditioner is not able to function properly.

In addition to that, if the AC turns on and off frequently, then it will significantly affect the HVAC system. Frequent cycling will affect the efficiency as well as reduce the lifespan of the AC.

8.    High Humidity

One of the signs that most homeowners miss is the high humidity inside the home. It is a basic sign that your HVAC system needs work. Air conditioners efficiently remove the humidity from the space. And high humidity means that the air conditioner is not working as it should.

However, high humidity is the breeding point for mildew and mold. The growth of mold and mildew in the HVAC system and home can be harmful to our health. So, make sure to contact the best AC repair company in McKinney, TX to solve the issue.



As you can see, there are quite a few signs that indicate that the air conditioner of your home requires repair. Many of these signs can be noticed easily, allowing you to get the system repaired easily. However, a few of these signs require a proper understanding of the air conditioner operation.

Keep an eye out for the signs of the air conditioner repair mentioned above. Contact your HVAC technician as soon as you notice any of these signs. If you are looking for an expert in AC repair, McKinney, TX offers several outstanding companies that will inspect and fix the issue for you.


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