8 Smart Kitchen Appliances To Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is the place where you prepare your tastefully delicious meals and spend precious time with your family after a hectic day. There are so many ways to make your kitchen feel very modern and stylish. Digitalization has our lives so much easier, from the way we cook to how we monitor our groceries at home while shopping.

Thumbs up to Amazon Alexa, it’s so satisfying to say “Alexa, please turn off the light” while laying on the couch. But what appliances can make your kitchen smarter and your cooking way cooler? Here are some of the smart appliances that will not only help you in making your kitchen smart but will let you experience a new world.


1. Smart Refrigerator

Smart Refrigerators are next-generation refrigerators that are preloaded with an LED touch screen. Smart refrigerators work with intelligence and sensors to identify the food loaded in the fridge.

The inbuilt cameras help you watch what is inside the fridge on the touch screen. You can even get all the information about the refrigerator-related food on your smart devices like smartphones and tablets that are connected to the refrigerator via specified apps anywhere and anytime.

Some smart refrigerators even let you connect your device with Alexa, Google Home, or any other smart speakers. Some smart refrigerators feature the function of labeling food items present in the refrigerator with expiry dates to protect you from having any expired food.

The LED screen enables you to browse many recipes instantly that will help you cook some delicious meals. Some feature the weather forecasting function in the refrigerator. The smart technology used in the refrigerator is definitely going to ease your work and make your life experience better.


best smart fridges Smart Kitchen Appliances


2. Wi-fi aero garden

Are you a fan of organic farming? If yes, then this product is perfect for you. Designed with smart technology, the aero garden is wifi enabled letting you manage the aero garden from your smart device.

You can grow fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, salad greens, and flowers in your kitchen garden using wi-fi Aero garden. Aero -garden uses water and not soil and helps you to reduce the exposure of pesticides and chemicals in your food.


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3. Smart wifi Instant pot

Instant Pot is what we all love to have. Smart Instant Pot comes with many more features than regular Instant Pots. SMart Instant Pot is easier to control as it is compatible with Alexa. You can control your instant Pot from anywhere and anytime using the Instant Pot app on your connected device like a smartphone, tablet, or Alexa making your life more convenient and better.

Instant pot can be used as a rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker also. The instant Pot app allows you to browse 1000s of recipes easily on your device letting you experience the beautiful world of culinary art.


instant pot smart feat Smart Kitchen Appliances


4. Smart Faucet

Smart Faucet is definitely something one should install in their kitchen. This eco-friendly device lets you save gallons of water every year which lets you make a precious contribution to your society and environment.

In the kitchen, we have lots of tasks that can be done under a faucet like washing of vegetables and fruits, adding water to your glass, cleaning of utensils, etc and somewhere in between when performing these chores we got so busy that we waste a lot of water by not turning the tap off. But a smart faucet will save you from the sin of wasting this precious resource of water.

Smart faucets also help you in maintaining hygiene, which is very much needed in this difficult COVID 19 pandemic time, you don’t need to touch the valve of the faucet to turn it on. The smart faucet works with the sensors preloaded in them which senses when something is under it and lets the water flow.

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Smart Kitchen Appliances


5. Smart toaster

Have you ever heard of a smart toaster? Yes, they do exist. The smart toasters are preloaded with smart cooking sensors that help in toasting food like bread, bagel, English muffins, waffles, etc. in a perfect manner. Smart toasters can be controlled using the specified app and let you toast the bread according to the personalized setting available. Some smart toasters even come with LED screens letting you personalize the cooking settings.


Smart Kitchen Appliances


6. Automatic Pan Stirrer

This handy and affordable gadget is a lifesaver for many as it allows the user to sit stress-free and do other work instead of stirring the spatula in the pan. This automatic pan stirrer is perfect for those recipes that require constant stirring. One just has to set the timer and then putting it in the pan, it will stir your dish according to the set time.


49101 1 640px 1 Smart Kitchen Appliances


7. Smart Wi-fi Airfryer

Smart Airfryer can be controlled using your smart devices. You can control it using your mobile and tablet. Smart Airfryer can be paired with a smart app and thousands of recipes can be browsed. The smart air fryer can also be synced with Alexa letting you control it without touching or visiting the Air fryer. Some smart Air fryer also lets you schedule the cooking time in advance and you can adjust it using your smart devices.


Smart Kitchen Appliances


8. Egg minder

Egg Minder is a smart egg tray that lets you manage eggs in an easy way. Egg minders can be synced with smartphones letting you know the remaining number of eggs at home. This smart egg tray is designed in such a way that it pushes the notification alert when the number of eggs becomes low in your home. The Egg Minder also sends reminders for eggs that are soon going to be bad.


4165I2ZOsGL. AC SY400 1 Smart Kitchen Appliances



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